In Wonderland


The holiday bug does not only get us, it gets our canines too. This summer, Sparkle had an escapade to Dhanaulti, a small town above Mussourie, nestled with a panoramic view. At 8500 ft above sea level, this place was a haven away from the sultry heat of Delhi- fresh air, awesome mountains, rain, cold it had it all. The best part was that Sparkle loved it too.
Though I would have loved to know what he thought, but looking at his gait, expressions, attitude, playfulness, keen eye for both sight and sounds, I felt as if he was saying- I’m loving it.
Generally in Delhi during the day, Sparkle would find his corner (where he is least disturbed by cuddles!), curl up and declare with a growl “Hey folks! It’s siesta time for me”. But at Dhanaulti, it was different – he would not even let us sit for a minute, either it was romp time, walk time, sniffing time, rolling time or just pure fun time. Not to forget his swimming adventure in Rishikesh, where he splashed, swam and played fetch with his favourite driftwood (they were all his favourites). He would wait in anticipation, jumping all around me and splashing water, asking me to throw his prized driftwood in the water – to which he would swim and get it back, eagerly awaiting the next fetch and swim. It was such a great feeling to see so much of excitement, enthusiasm and exuberance in him. His joie de vivre left me spell bound.
Here’s hoping during next holidays, you all can plan a trip with your canines. But before moving out, do find out whether your destination is pet friendly. Also it is very important to ensure that your pet is trained and does not harm the hotel premises or disturbs other guests. Do carry all your pet’s requirements- so you and your lil’ darling can have –“An Holiday To Remember”.