Let’s Have some more fun


Having a great time with our lovely pooches, in the lap of nature, away from the city’s hustle-bustle, chasing birds, basking in serenity, enjoying tranquility, while doing all the oh-not-for-me fun activities is a dream for most of us. As they say, ‘dreams do come true’, and Crazy K9 camping lends wings to dreams of all poochie lovers. It’s an experience to remember, while reliving and reviving all the fun moments again is not a bad option either.

Rocking & rolling

It was the third trek of Crazy K9 Camper’s at Japalouppe farms, Talegoan. And the enthusiasm was booming high with every passing moment, 18 participating dogs and 46 people including the seven dogs of the farm of Rohan More. Camp organizer, Jazz ensured that all arrangements for his friends were met to the best of the K9 world could ever provide.

Splashing the fun

The camp got on a wild and wet note within minutes of all gathering at the venue when the Labs jumped into the mini pond and tried to cool themselves off before the party began. After a hearty breakfast it was time for some more aqua fun since our next destination was the ‘Thugav waterfall’. It was a spine chilling experience for all the participants, as we were heading to a pictorial place with the fast gush of the crystal clear waterfall. Plunging in water and splashing it all over was a great fun. All the campers joined the gang, Labs, Mastiffs, Dalmatians…even the Pugs and Beagles made a beautiful concourse. Buddy and Bruno were the brave heroes, little hesitant at first but could not resist the temptation as their toys reached the water surface. They decided to join in as well. There was a lot of fun noises and enjoying chaos as the doggies decided to play in until their heart content.


The excitement and thrill had gripped all the fun loving souls and when we returned to start our afternoon activities, the results were again the same, pure fun and frolic. It started with ‘Passing the Parcel’, what made the common game a real special gag were the hilarious punishments. For the second round of games, we played ‘Wacky Wag’ where we all are asked to give reasons as to why our dogs is better than our spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend. The answers got as honest as it could be, varying from “My dog is far handsome than my husband” to “My doggy never comments on my driving.”

Getting together…

Unlimited fun and enjoyment grappled all the participants and by sunset, the doggies were already grooving for the big birthday bash of Troy – the Lab. The party saw some great dressing sense from the paw world with bright sweaters and colorful b’day caps. It was great to see two highly energetic Dalmatians performing to their master’s order perfectly. The venue had some amazing dine and wine. The music were all canine favorites as we saw them dancing till late hours.

Adrenaline rush

On the next day, it was a trek to Lohagad, which was 40 kms away from the campsite. It was a wonderful sunny day. The initial walk was rocky and rough but for regular doggy trekkers, it was challenging and exciting. However, some doggies were tired with heavy dancing, the previous night and sunny weather and returned back to base. But Troy, Coco, Bhavani, Panchali and Jazz made it to the top and saw some wonderful scenic and pleasing views. They also witnessed the Visapur Fort. Lohagad is one of the well-maintained forts with a beautiful Pavna Lake and Vishapur Fort and flat hill ranges on its sides.


Afterwards, we stopped to gorge on a typical Maharashtrian lunch of ‘Bhakri’, ‘Pithla’ and hot and spicy ‘Thecha’ but what we all failed to realise was that walking back with full tummies was a bad idea indeed. But finally we all managed to reach back late afternoon. Everyone quickly jumped into their cars as we all were too tired to even walk a single step ahead.

Sayonara…we’ll meet again

The time really flies off, as two days of camping seems to get over in a flick. They gave totally unforgettable memories for all the rocking campers, both two – as well as four-legged high-spirited creatures. It was two days of complete bliss and bonding time for all the friends. Everyone left with great impassion to meet soon at the next camp. Jazz has started the preparations already. All doggies had complete relaxing sessions. This camping was sheer joy for the dogs who were thrilled to see and smell new sights and sounds. Jazz assures that all pets had a wonderful experience!  Pet camp is an exciting new alternative to traditional pet fun, so WOOF! WOOF! to camp-dog-world.