Why deworming is important?

Deworming is basically getting rid of worms from the pet’s stomach, which is a ‘periodical process’ that is carried out every 3-4 months. But, it is important to deworm the pups during one month of birth. Here’s why?
  • There are many types of worms (endo-parasites), of which roundworm is most common in dogs and can cause severe problems. The eggs of this worm normally get into dog’s stomach via food, water, air, contacts, etc. Once inside, they undergo huge larvae development and can even be distributed in muscles, tissues and kidneys.
  • In case of pregnant female dogs, these larvae migrate to the uterous and can pass to liver and lungs of the pups, when they are still in the mother’s womb.
  • After whelping, the larvae immediately settle in the intestines and thus puppies born will suffer from in-utero worm problem.
  • In some cases, the larvae reach mammary glands and are transmitted to pups through milk.
  • Roundworms lay thousands of eggs in the intestines of the pup and cause ingestion, malnutrition, stunted growth, less resistance to diseases like diarrhoea, liver damage, pot belly, besides neurological symptoms like legs, head and body shaking and death in acute cases. The pups also show symptoms like hair fall and dull coats coupled with dry skin.
  • Worm problem in dogs could have human risk, particularly to children playing with the dogs. The eggs of the worms through the dog will be ingested and caused similar symptoms in kids. Hence, good hygiene regime should be followed by kids playing with dogs and the dog be regularly dewormed.

Hence it is vital to get your pup dewormed in the first month of his birth. Deworming schedule

Age Frequency
First three months Every month
Above three months Every 3-4 months

(Dr Asadulla Khan runs Aakson Veterinary Clinic, Oil Mill Road, Kammanahali, Bengaluru).