Feline Fantasies-Kool Cats


Some cats are ordained to be celebrities. Here, we present the famous cats who have enjoyed celebrity status, and have a huge fan following. These fictional cartoon characters have appeared in famous cartoon series and animated films. Adults love them and children simply adore them for their crazy antics. We introduced you to Garfield, Duchess and Felix the Cat earlier. Here are a few more toon cats who have added colour to our lives.
Tom :
Whenever we think of Tom, we just canπt forget his buddy Jerry. Yes, we are talking about the famous Tom of the animated series Tom and Jerry. Tom is a large, grey and devilish cat with a Machiavellian glint in his yellow eyes, who chases Jerry — a small, brown, cherubic mouse. They chase each other around a kitchen, demolishing whatever comes in between —the ice box, ironing board, plate rail, a whole sink full of dishes etc.
Born in Hollywood, Tom and Jerry have captured the delight, and the laughter, of audiences around the globe, garnered enough Academy Awards to make any movie star selfishly smug, and also starred in motion pictures, television and comic books.
Sylvester :
Sylvester made his maiden venture as an animated character in “Life With Feathers,” a television cartoon episode in
1945. He was famous for his juicy-lipped delivery of dialogues. He starred in various animated films by Warner Brothers like Looney Tunes, “Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries”, Warner Brothers movies (Space Jam, Looney Tunes Back in Action), etc. Perhaps, his best-known role is against Tweety bird (also known as Tweety Pie), which won him two Oscars and a third nomination.
In 1998, Sylvester and Tweety appeared together on a US postage stamp. Sylvester’s cartoons have been seen by generation after generation and will probably continue to be seen for a long time to come. He even has a son, Junior.
Krazy Kat :
Krazy Kat was created by George Herriman and debuted in the New York Journal in 1910 and appeared in weekday and Sunday U.S. newspapers between 1913 and 1944. Krazy Kat became the star of the first cat comic strip, sharing funnies stardom.
The strip focuses on the relationship triangle betFeline fantasies

ween its title character, a carefree and innocent cat of indeterminate gender, her antagonist Ignatz Mouse, and the protective police-dog Officer Bull Pupp. Krazy nurses an unrequited love for the mouse, but Ignatz despises her and constantly schemes to throw a brick at her head; for unknown reasons, Krazy takes this as a sign of affection. Officer Pupp, as Coconino County’s administrator of law and order, makes it his unwavering mission to interfere with Ignatz’s brick-tossing plans and locks the mouse in the county jail. The comic strip was also animated several times.