Guide to selecting your puppy


Whether you have decided to bring home a mongrel or a pedigree dog, few things should be kept in mind. Yashodhara Hemchandra of Yashbans Kennels gives tips on getting your best friend.
There is no better joy or happiness (other than your kids, of course) like having a pet at home. You can laugh your stress out with his antics; your pressure levels subside by just petting him. You can have a great listener to your woes, a loyal companion for your walks. You can even train him to do small chores for you, which he will oblige most willingly. The entire experience of having a dog makes you in turn, one extremely good, caring and responsible human being.
There are many basic and important aspects that a person should look into, before venturing to bring home a puppy. If you are ready to take care of him, just like your own baby, then there’s no reason why you should not bring a puppy home. The next step is to analyse what type of breed is best suited to your temperament, lifestyle, family and surroundings. Decision needs to be taken whether you would prefer to have a lovable, adorable, intelligent, non-pedigree mongrel or a pedigree counterpart. Both can form lovable and affectionate companions.
If you wish to share your life with a pedigree dog, then beware of unscrupulous self-styled breeders. It should also be kept in mind that it takes a lot of time, money, effort, patience and hardwork to own a perfect specimen. And then comes the question, do you want your dog to be a super show dog, an obedience Champion, an excellent breeding dog or a pampered pet. At all times, remember, your pet is going to reflect your personality, temperament and behaviour. If a top class pedigree dog is what you want, then, do not compromise on the quality.
After you have analysed yourself and feel you are an ideal person to own a pedigreed dog, then you must make sure of the following:

  • You must buy your dog from a reputed, established breeder. Make sure that the breeder is totally committed to breeding top, pedigree dogs. Always visit his place and make sure that the kennel you are buying your puppy from is a hygienic, clean place and that all the dogs are well cared for and loved. Once you have come across such a breeder, learn to trust him implicitly and take his advice on the pup, which will be best suited for you.
  • A reputed breeder would have definitely registered the pups with the Kennel Club of India, which is the only one recognised worldwide. Above all, make sure the pup conforms to the breed standards and looks healthy and active.
  • Never, ever buy a puppy because the breeder says that the parents of the puppy are Champions, etc. This is not a necessary criteria at all, for a puppy to become a Champion as well. Instead make sure that the parents (the Dam and the Sire) of the puppy are healthy dogs, conforming to the breed standards, with no visible defects or deformities. Make sure that the puppies shown to you are the offsprings of the Dam and Sire shown to you as parents.
  • Always buy the puppy by seeing the puppy or by the reputation of the breeder. If the pup is healthy, conforming to the breed standards, then definitely he must be having a good lineage. You don’t have to worry about the pedigree at all. However, if you are buying a puppy by looking at his pedigree alone, then you are in trouble. An awesome pedigree need not necessarily mean that the puppy is a top quality one. A pedigree just gives us an idea of the pups’ lineage.
  • Ask the breeder to furnish you a feeding and a vaccination chart.
  • Make sure that the breeder will give you tips on handling your new puppy.
  • Ask for health guarantees.
  • Make sure that the pups are microchipped or tattooed as a means of recognition that he is bred by that particular breeder.
  • Make sure that the breeder gives you the name and address of his or her veterinarian. Also enquire from them if there is any reputable veterinarian in and around your area. In case you opt for a mongrel, then contact animal shelters or animal welfare organisations in your area, from where you could adopt a puppy or dog and give him a life he so aptly deserves.

Once you have brought the puppy home, then following things should be kept in mind:

  • The puppy would have had his initial puppy vaccination at the breeder’s place, in all probability. Find out about his deworming and vaccination schedule. He must be immunised against rabies when he is about six months of age. Make sure he has his yearly shots to give him complete immunisation against various diseases.
  • You must also make sure that you buy your pet’s requirements of food, toys etc from a reputed pet shop. They will be able to advise you correctly and not sell you expired or sub-standard products. They will ensure that all pet products are puppy safe.

Once you have analysed yourself as a capable dog owner, then just go ahead and bring home the new puppy. Make sure you live up to your commitment, not just as the puppy’s new owner, but as a responsible, loving human being. Make sure your puppy feels proud of you. And that you have risen above many, as a caring, loving human being and that you are the chosen one.
(Yashodhra Hemchandra has devoted herself for over two decades in establishing one of India’s most reputed kennel – Yashbans Kennels. Yashbans is not only a top breeding kennel but also has boarding facility, a grooming parlour, a pet shop and also is a shelter to abandoned and ill-treated animals. She can be contacted at: Yashbans Kennels, Yashbans Farm, Kyalasanahalli, (Off. Hennur Road) Bangalore – 560 077, Ph: 57639548 , 28465321, 9844058080 . Her website is: