Doggie Bhayya,I miss you!


When I was born, my dog was 4 years and 3 months elder to me, so I called him Doggie Bhayya. He used to bark at all those who used to touch me. My mother was very proud of him. Today, I am 13 years old and I recently lost my Doggie Bhayya. He was suffering from cataract and lately was not eating his food properly. We all knew he was going to die and it was very painful to watch him suffer.
We have buried him in the shade of the bamboo groves in the corner of our garden. Now, that place is so tranquil, yet full of life. When I feel the stones covering his grave, they feel hard, yet there is a sort of tenderness inside them, which reminds me of my brother. At times, when all is quiet, I can feel his sharp nails on the floor or hear his soft knock at the door. No, he hasn’t left us, he is still there in our hearts and will remain there forever. We love you Doggie Bhayya! May your soul rest in peace.
– Tanya Singh