Wockhardt:keeping ahead of times


Wockhardt Limited today is among India’s top research and technology oriented pharmaceutical companies, with a global presence. Meet Mr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala, Director of Animal Health, Administration Division and Mother & Child care at Wockhardt. Wockhardt is amongst the 50 most valuable companies in India. It has an employee strength of 2700 people. Established nearly four decades ago, Wockhardt Limited today has emerged as a leading player in domestic as well as international markets. Wockhardt believes in R&D and has over 300 scientists developing innovative technologies and new drug discoveries. The R&D is rated amongst the top 3 in the country with R&D spend being 7% of sales – one of the highest in the country.
Through quality, increasing investment in R&D and its people- Wockhardt’s vision is to be the most admired pharmaceutical company in India.
The animal health business primarily comprises of livestock, poultry and companion animals. Mr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala, Director of Animal Health, Administration Division and Mother & Child care at Wockhardt, is instrumental in maintaining profits in the animal health division inspite of industry recession. A commerce graduate from Mumbai University, Mr. Khorakiwala is a qualified MBA (Masters of Business Administration) from Yale University (USA). With his business acumen, down-to-earth approach and compassion, he has won respect from people of all quarters.
The animal health business of Wockhardt was started in the early eighties and in 1998-99, they acquired Merind. “Since then, we have written many success stories in various segments,” added Mr. Khorakiwala. “We launched the Pet division in the year 2000.”
On enquiring about the trends in Indian pet care, Mr. Khorakiwala replied that Indian pet care market has undergone tremendous changes in the last decade. According to him, the main drivers for this growth are companionship, urbanisation and growing economy. “The stress levels in today’s age are very high. One looks for love,companionship and affection from one’s canine friend. Pets have become a part of the family, hence expenditure on them is done in a similar way as it would be done on any other member of the family. A lot of people have started keeping pets and are spending on their welfare. This is in accordance with the growing disposable income in the middle class. Urbanization and growing economy are other factors affecting the pet care market.”
The pet care range of Wockhardt is called “Sam Brow’ne.” As per Mr. Khorakiwala, this is to have more focus and to establish their brand, besides giving other benefits such as top-of-mind recall and umbrella branding. In the therapeutic segment, the main brands include Meriquin Tablet (antibiotic containing Enrofloxacin), Prazisam Plus (dewormer), Wokazole (anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory lotion), Endact (Endoectocide), Samodin Spray (broad spectrum germicidal spray), and Reltix (anti-tick shampoo).
In the Nutraceuticals segment, the main brands of Wockhardt include Merical Pet Liquid (calcium tonic), Merical Pet Briskit (calcium chewable briskit), Nutisam-365 Briskit (vitamin and mineral supplement) and Samfur (nutritional supplement with egg protein). In the cosmetic segment, the main brand is Samglow soap and shampoo.
Since its inception, Sam Brow’ne has been registering a constant growth. More recently, the company has launched Samolac infant pet food. It has a unique combination encompassing all nutritional requirements for puppies. It is also the first weaning food for puppies. It contains high fat for extra energy requirement and is enriched with amino acids, besides having high quality proteins and all the essential fatty acids. It can be given to pups from 19-45 days. “Pups are often given Cerelac (human infant food) but the requirement of the puppy nutrition is very different from a human baby nutrition. Samolac completes this gap,” added Mr. Khorakiwala.
Wockhardt is an organisation with a cause. They are dedicated to animal welfare. “We are sponsoring various research projects in veterinary colleges and research institutes throughout India. Moreover, we are committed to the cause of stray dogs’ welfare and we are providing support to various organizations like SPCA etc,” told Mr. Khorakiwala.
A member of the Confederation of Indian Industries, Young Indians, Rotary Club, Mr. Khorakiwala is also committed to a cause and has started a non- profit charitable organization called-“Friend of the Poor”?-?an organisation which provides the poor with basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter, health and education.
Whenever he is at home, he is a complete family man and loves to spend time with friends and family. He enjoys travelling to places of natural beauty and historical importance. His favourite pastime is reading books on spirituality, philosophy, theology and religious studies. This is Mr. Khorakiwala – a noble man from a noble organisation.