My Indian mixed breed (neutered dog) is 12 years old. He was diagnosed with arthritis four years ago and was treated for the same. He has been facing problem in getting up on his own from hind legs over the last three months. His condition has been deteriorated a week ago. I help him in getting up by lifting him from behind. Once he stands up he is able to walk without any problem. After neutering he has gained weight and is overweight now. What should I do for medication?


Osteoarthritis (OA) can be a progressive problem in which pain and disuse lead to further deterioration of joint movement and function. Therapeutic exercise and physical modalities (cryotherapy, thermotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation) may be indicated to enhance motion or reduce pain, allowing improved function. Massage may be beneficial in reducing muscle spasms. Lifestyle changes, such as the use of ramps may also be considered. A physical therapy involves suitable exercise, avoiding obesity and, least important, medication. Low impact exercise is preferable, such as swimming or leashed walks. Many nutraceuticals and diets are promoted for management of joint problems, for example, use of Royal Canin ‘Mobility Support’ diet may benefit your pet. Please consult your vet before you make any change in the management.

Question by – Ajita Sharma, Ahemdabad