Fluffy and Me

A memoir by Anita Krishan, Fluffy and Me is a story of a lonely little girl, the author herself when she was barely nine years old, in Shimla looking for a companion. Untitled-2Then one evening comes an unexpected phone call from one of his father’s friends who gifted her a pet, a Lhasa Apso. Arrival of the pooch at her home thus begins the saga of rare and undying friendship between the two. She names the dog ‘Fluffy’ and they grow up together developing an inseparable bond of friendship and here are innumerable memories they create around the deodars of the sleepy Himalayan suburb of Shimla. Fluffy and Me is a moving, sensitive, hilarious and deeply touching story in the lives of Fluffy and his little pet parent Betu, name of the author lovingly nicknamed by her parents.

Bite this Book – the book you read to your dog

Book ReviewBite this Book by Lony Ruhmann is the first-ofits- kind book truly designed and written for pet parents to read to their pooches. Through an inner sweetness that communicates via the language of the heart, this book brings your dog peace. Published by Mirror Publishing – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you can access to the book on www.bitethisbook.com

Camper vans, ex-pats & Spanish hounds

Book ReviewThis book is real life experiences of the authors, Tania Coates and Sam Morris, who travelled through Spain in their VW camper. Once while travelling through the country, they encountered a stray in a poor state of health at the side of the road. So, the story of Pedro’s rescue began as central theme of this book and the situation with regard to animal welfare in Spain with British government’s involvement in that to form SOS Animals UK. Published by Hubble & Hattie, the enthralling text and compelling case studies in Camper vans, ex-pats & Spanish hounds are complemented by Tania’s evocative and stirring images.
For more info, e-mail at: info@hubbleandhattie.com

My Dog Has Arthritis ­– but lives life to the full!

 When dogs contract arthritis, they can’t tell you what hurts or how they feel, nor can they ask for help. TBook Reivewhey have to suffer in silence… until now. This book written by Gill Carrick and published by Hubble & Hattie gives our canine friends they have been longing for. With expert inputs from vets, dog dieticians and specialists in complementary therapies, My Dog Has Arthritis covers a range of topics and answers to all questions raised by the disease, helping pet parents judge when their furry babies need help. Featuring case histories and pet parent insight, this book demonstrates that the diagnosis of arthritis does not have to be the end of your dog’s world. For more info, e-mail at: kim@veloce.co.uk

The Dog Who Healed a Family

Written by Jo Coudert, The Dog Who Healed a Family revolves around the story of three adopted children who wreak havoc in their new home until an exceptional dog brings the family together. This is a charming collection of 19 stories you can’t help but fall in love with the unlucky fawn who is saved by a nursing home, the troublesome rabbit who warms her way into a new family and the good German Shepherd who comforts the sick. These are stories of hope, humour, triumph, loyalty, compassion, life and even death—but most of all, these are stories of love and extraordinary animals who make our lives the richer for it.
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Our pooches, our heroes!

We love to read stories about our pooches…their adventures, love and companionship always makes an interesting read. More recently, we interacted with two authors of two lovely books on canines – The Stupendous Timetelling Superdog by Himanjali Sankar and Bambi, Chops and Wags by Ranjit Lal. Here’s more from these pooch loving authors.

The plots…

Penned by Himanjali Sankar, The Stupendous Timetelling Superdog (published by Duckbill Books) is about a stupendous timetelling superdog, Rousseau, who belongs to Mrs Ghosh and her two daughters, Kaavya and Anya. It also features the Orange Marmaladies, the Original Timekeepers of the Universe, from the Black Hole of Time. A problem arose when the Orange Marmaladies wanted to watch the Miss Universe Contest on Earth and stuff like that.

While, Bambi, Chops and Wags by Ranjit Lal (published by Roli Books), is a heart-warming first-person narrative of the young author and his two sisters’ love for their new dog and their life-long adoration for this new friend and member of the family.

Inspirations behind the books…

Himanjali: An insane dog, a mid-life crisis and lots of good literature.

Ranjit: The dogs naturally…it’s about the lives of the three dogs we kept, the antics they got up to, their personalities, good and bad habits and relationships with human members of the family.

Characters inspired from real life…

Himanjali: My characters, their personalities and responses to situations, are derived from my own experiences with people and events. It is not that I consciously modelled my characters on people I know but yes, my editors, who are also my friends, were struck by the similarities between my daughters and the two girls in the book and Mrs Ghosh and me. And, yes, in the case of Rousseau, he is modelled on my own Labrador, also called Rousseau. Except that the real life Rousseau will not be able to tell you the time.

Ranjit: As I mentioned earlier, the characters are all in my family!

Target audience…

Himanjali: Reading levels vary widely so it gets tough to be sure sometimes, but I think children in the age group of 6 to 10 would simply love it.

Ranjit: I think my book would interest anybody above the age of 10 years.

On pets…

Himanjali: My family in Kolkata always had dogs. When I was growing up, we had a Cocker Spaniel called Coco who was marginally less insane than Rousseau. I am friend with several street dogs these days. There is a beautiful dog with red fur and triangular ears and a whole lot of attitude who I am particularly fond of. Then there is Spotty Dog who loves to dig and Scout who hangs out with us quite often.

Ranjit: Though I don’t have any dogs or pets now, I was blessed with pets earlier and that’s what the book’s all about!

Message to pet parents…

Himanjali: I would request our readers to please laugh loudly while reading this book or if that is not possible to at least smile widely. And most importantly, love all dogs and animals a whole lot because they are awesome.

Ranjit: Families must keep dogs provided they know this is a commitment that will last the life of the dog.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs & Cats

Here’s a comprehensive book on dog and cat care written by Dr CS Arun, MVSc, PGDMM, My Pet Clinic & PetBook Review Fancies, Mysore. The book titled Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs & Cats gives not just the basic information like origin and utility of dogs, common breeds, etc, it also gives information on selecting a dog, care and management of puppy, training your puppy, breeding, common diseases, first-aid, dog shows, etc. Besides, these are a few miscellaneous questions that arise in pet parents’ minds. You can even find names for your pet as well as informative FAQs about cat. To get your copy, e-mail at: dr_csarun@yahoo.com

The Book of Joshua

Written by Tanya Mendonsa and published by HarperCollins India (Pages: 208, Price: Rs 299), this book is the celebration of love for your pooch. Two world travellers meet at a party and realise, as they spend the evening in each other’s company, that they are meant to be together. Enter Joshua, an irresistible Cocker Spaniel, and the couple’s life is transformed forever.
The Book of Joshua is a joyous romp through Paris and the south of France and from the colonial city of Bengaluru to the sun-splashed beaches of Goa and the blue mountains of the Nilgiris as the irrepressible pair of humans and their pack of four-legged friends coast from crises to parties and from disasters to miracles.
If you love animals, this book is for you – the sweet Joshua will steal your heart in no time. The language is lucid and the flow keeps you asking for more… you can’t put down the book unless you know what happened till the end. This book is charming, yet funny… a must read for all dog lovers!
For more info, contact: Ratna Joshi at ratna.joshi@harpercollins-india.com or Iti Khurana at 91-8130722744 or

Emergency First Aid for Dogs

Author: Martin Bucksch
Publisher: Hubble & Hattie
(Pp 64, ISBN 978-1-845843-86-1)book review

Accidents can happen anywhere…even in the comfortable confines of your home? Every time, it is not possible to run to a vet…sometimes there’s no time to wait for the vet. This is not the time to panic! It is time to act…act fast. Emergency First Aid for Dogs is a read reckoner for all dog lovers who need advice to tackle the most common emergency situations. The book gives tips on how to perform first-aid, and provides advice on emergency treatment.

The size of the book is perfect…you can carry it anywhere. Written in an easy-to-understand language, the book is an indispensable guide for every pet parent.

book review

Dog Speak

Recognising and understanding behaviour

Author: Christiane Blenski
Publisher: Hubble & Hattiebook review
(Pp 80, ISBN 978-1-845843-84-7)

If you are a pet parent or a dog lover who wishes to understand canine behaviour, then this book is for you. Dogs use their body to communicate – teeth, ears, eyes, fur, tail, body posture – all are used in expressing themselves. The book focuses on these gestures and what they mean. Written in an easy-to-understand language, with colourful images, the book makes for an extremely informative and invaluable guide to understand their behaviour and communicate with them.

The book is divided into three major sections – the polite dog, the aggressive dog and the talking dog. Tip boxes, checklists and instructions make it an interesting read while beautiful pictures of the dog make it a treat for the eyes. In all, it is a useful resource for all pet parents.