Animo Pet Care and Research Centre hosts dog show in Patna

Patna-based Animo Pet Care and Research has organised an Open All Breed Dog/Cat Fashion Show on 21st February 2017 in the city. Around 150 dogs of different breeds sporting catchy outfits walked the ramp alongside their pet parents. In addition to the fashion show, participating dogs were given opportunities for heath check-up as well. State education minister Ashok Chaudhary with his Siberian Husky named Huchiko and a Labrador called Coco were among the contestants at the show. For further details, contact at: 09472665340, 09386702977 or 09386702978.

Himalaya enters Rs 700 cr pet nutrition category with ‘healthytreats’

The Himalaya Drug Company, one of India’s leading home-grown wellness brands, has forayed into the pet nutrition category with the launch of healthytreats. Healthytreats are nutritious herbal snacks available in three different variants for puppies, adults and senior dogs to address their health needs. These treats cater to specific requirements of pets at each stages of their life. Speaking about the launch, Neti Patel, general manager-Animal Health Division, The Himalaya Drug Company, said. “In India, pet nutrition is a niche segment that offers great opportunities. Currently, the market size of pet nutrition stands at over Rs 700 crore and is growing at a rate of 20 percent. Having been the top herbal player in this category, launch of healthytreats is a natural extension to our wide range of pet grooming and wellness products.” Himalaya’s rich expertise in the animal health division for over the last 17 years helps the company understand the importance of pet’s well-being. This is the next step for Himalaya’s animal health division, which aims to provide well researched herbal solutions for pets. “We connects with pet parents primarily through vets along with other channels like pet shops, grooming parlours, modern retail outlets, trade channel and others, for their grooming and wellness needs,” asserted Neti Patel, adding that by the end of 2017 they are looking at reaching out to over 3500 pet practitioners across India, while introducing few more products under this category.
Healthytreats provide nutrition and special health benefits due to the presence of herbal actives. Healthytreats Puppy (0-2years) supports digestion and immunity; Adult (2-7 years) supports skin health and promotes overall fitness; and Senior (7 years and above) supports join health and control stress. The snacks are now available across major retail channels, pet stores, Himalaya Outlets, and Himalaya app.

Boehringer Ingelheim and Sanofi successfully close a major business swap in India, making both companies leaders in two diverse sectors

Germany-based Boehringer Ingelheim and Sanofi have closed a strategic and smooth exchange of their Consumer and Animal Health Business in India. This swap of over 80 brands will enable both pharma giants further strengthen their expertise in their respective fields. Today, established as a leader in fields catering to both human and animal health, Boehringer Ingelheim globally operates through 145 affiliates and has close to 50,000 employees.Their focus involves R&D, manufacturing and marketing new therapies of value for animal and human health. Sharad Tyagi, Managing Director, Boehringer Ingelheim (India) said, “This swap is an important highlight and milestone for both Boehringer Ingelheim and Sanofi and will enable both organisations strengthen their foothold in this increasingly competitive field. Our unified goal is to continue to deliver current and prospective customers with sustained quality and value-added products. Boehringer Ingelheim seeks to continue to build a strong and innovative brand, both globally and in India.” Boehringer Ingelheim’s new Animal Health Business in India will be headed by Dr Sandeep Karkhanis, Merial. Dr Shailesh Ayyangar, Managing Director (India) and Vice President (South Asia), Sanofi said, “With the successful closure of the swap deal in India, both companies have achieved a major landmark. This swap of the Consumer Healthcare Business of Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) and Sanofi’s Animal Health Business will facilitate both companies to pursue their respective strategic aspirations. At Sanofi, we are excited to embrace the incoming CHC brands and people associated with this business, as this is in line with our stated objective of boosting our presence in consumer healthcare in India. We also know that our Animal Health Business and people associated with it will now be part of a highly committed and focused BI, which is one of the world’s leading companies in the Animal Health Business.”

PPAM organises Meet the Industry-8

Dr Dhananjay Bapat

Pet Practitioners Association of Mumbai (PPAM) has recently organised Meet The Industry -8 (MI8), inviting its members, who are leading vets from Mumbai, Thane, all over Maharashtra and other major cities of India. At the event, a cricket match between PPAM members and industry friends was organised, followed by cardiology seminar and a quiz session conducted by vet cardiologist Dr Sangeeta Vengsarkar Shah. Keynote speakers at the event were Dr Karen Tomer (Biogal-Israel) and Rajendra Bandiwadekar (Artec Diagnostics System). Dr Dhananjay Bapat, president, PPAM, along with others from the association released PPAM Bulletin, PPAM Directory and Diary 2017. The unique get together event drew 225 vets and 68 corporate brands.

FSAPAI-WSAVA CE 2016 organised at Chandigarh

Organised by SACA (Small Animal Clinicians’ Association), the 15th WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) and 8th FSAPAI (Federation of Small Animal Associations of India) Continues Education (CE) program has recently been concluded in Chandigarh. Theme of the CE this year was ‘Learning To-Gather to Serve Better’. The three-day event witnessed four eminent speakers from India and abroad—Dr Umesh Kallihal, director, Scientific Communications, MARS India; Dr C Ramani, professor, Department of Veterinary Surgery & Radiology, Madras Veterinary College; Dr Jill Elizabeth Maddison, Professor of General Practice, Director of Professional Development & Director of Extramural Studies, The Royal Veterinary College UK; and Dr Bryden Stanley, Section Chief of Surgery, Michigan State University, USA.  The keynote speakers talked explanatively about diverse topics including dermatology, ophthalmology, internal medicines and soft tissue surgery. In addition, the ‘Out Reach Lecture’ was organised for about 50 veterinary students who attended the event. Dr CB Singh, President, SACA and vice-president of FSAPAI, remarked, “This was the best ever professional CE event organised for the veterinarians associated with companion animal practice in India. Presence of sponsors like MARS India, Royal Canin, SAVA Vet, Intas, Cipla, Cargill & Idexx Laboratories made the event a grand success. More than 500 veterinarians who participated in the event gathered perfect practical knowledge to serve their pet patients.


New champions at Pedigree HyCan’16 in Hyderabad
The Hyderabad Canine Club has organised Pedigree HyCan’16—the 38th & 39th Championship Dog Shows & Obedience Trails—on 26th and 27th November 2016 at HITEX, Hyderabad. The show pulled above 300 dogs of more than 40 different breeds taking part in the competitions for top honours. Main features at the show consisted of Obedience Trails, Agility Competition, Flyball Demonstrations and Breed Championship Shows. Two days of the show were filled with impressive demonstrations and competitions.  “Year after year, our club has taken the initiative to introduce new concepts and make dog shows more exiting, educational and purposeful,” said Dr T Subhash Babu, Founder-President, Hyderabad Canine Club. The twin championship shows were judged by highly acclaimed judges, namely, Frank Waring, Susan Impey and Irina Poletaeva.
In addition to the 300 dogs competing in five rings, Pedigree HyCan ’16 additionally organised an outdoor ring exclusively for German Shepherds judging. “Level of fitness is usually the difference between the best in show dog and the rest. An exercise programme should start gradually, should be consistently applied, should provide variety and should progress toward a specific goal,” mentioned Phillip A Butt, CEO, Commando Kennels (P) Ltd, Hyderabad.  This year, at the same venue, HITEX exhibition centre organised PETEX India in which a host of leading pet care companies showcased their products and services. HyCan has been a trend setting pet show in India since its inception in the year 1995. From customised carpeted rings to prefabricated benches, HyCan shows have always been the first to introduce them in India.


Amulya Pet Specialty Clinic organises PAWS-2016
Salem-based Amulya Pet Specialty Clinic has recently organised PAWS-2016, an annual event in which professionals from reputed veterinary institutes addressed on use of scientific knowledge in dog care and other related topics. “Main motto of our event is to educate our clients (pet parents) to have scientific knowledge in rearing companion animals,” says Dr Amarnath Muthukrishnan, senior veterinary surgeon at Amulya Pet Specialty Clinic. The guest speakers at the PAWS-2016 this year included Dr B Nagrajan, Dr S Dharmaceelan and Dr S Suresh Kumar. An interactive question-answer session between the guest speakers and attending pet parents was productive. For more details, write in at:

Royal Canin brings Vet Business Forum for first time in India

Being a good vet is not just about scientific knowledge alone. A host of other skills are required, including communication, finance, HR and even marketing, which are collectively called ‘practice management.’ Shedding light on this, Royal Canin India had organised Vet Business Forum on 3rd and 4th December 2016 in Mumbai, for the first time in India, so that vets from all over the country could meet and share their practice management experiences with the industry experts.
Untitled-3Opening of the plenary session on the first day of the forum was marked with an introduction and welcome speech from Alexis Bray and Dr Ashish Mishra, followed by eight subsequent sessions conducted by three keynote speakers—Pere Mercader, Antje Blaettner and Phillipe Baralon. The three speakers narrated about the ideas to double business, value addition in selling diets in vet practice, selling techniques, client orientation and other topics. On the second day, the discourse at the forum continued with topics involving around consultation strategy, pricing strategies for veterinary services and tips on dealing with unhappy or angry customers. A workshop for vets was organised on the concluding day. In addition to the plenary sessions and workshops, Royal Canin India also presented a merchandising area with two virtual clinic setups of 300 and 900 sq ft on 1:1 scale. It showcased how a clinic should look like internally and externally, while optimising the space for different areas within a clinic. Latest merchandising tools were also displayed along with a special emphasis on colours, light, aroma, etc to create a mood and increase the waiting experience of pet parents. Royal Canin India also took the opportunity to introduce their new product Anallergenic to the vets, which is considered to be the world’s most sophisticated tool to diagnose AFR.

15th WSAVA and 8th FSAPAI Continuing Program on Companion Animal

15th WSAVA and 8th FSAPAI Continuing Program on Companion Animal Practice organised in Chandigarh


untitled-27Small Animal Clinicians’ Association (SACA) in association with Federation of Small Animal Practitioners Association of India (FSAPAI) has organised the 15th World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and the 8th FSAPAI Continuing Education (CE) Program on Companion Animal Practice on 11th, 12th and 13th November 2016 at Chandigarh. The theme of the three-day event was ‘Learning to Serve Better’, which consisted of four lectures addressed by Indian and international speakers on the first day, followed by other sessions on the second and third days by WSAVA speakers. Keynote guest speakers at the event included Dr Bryden Stanley, section chief of surgery, Michigan State University (US); Dr Jill Elizabeth Maddison, professor of general practice/director of professional development & director of extramural studies, Royal Veterinary College (UK); Dr C Ramani, associate professor, Dept of Veterinary Medicine, TANVSU, Tamil Nadu (India); Dr Umesh Kallahalli, director, Scientific Communication, MARS India International, among others.
Besides the world-class technical lectures and discussions, delegates at the event got an opportunity to interact with the technical professionals of the sponsoring companies.

K9 School India educates pet lovers through seminar

untitled-4New Delhi-based K9 School India has conducted an engaging seminar about desi dogs at its Training Center in Chattarpur. The objective of the seminar was to educate the pet lovers about desi dogs, their treatment while catering to the problems associated with them. The inaugural seminar was a part of series of small talks and seminars on topics related to dogs. Speaking at the seminar, Adnan Khan, a dog behaviour consultant and owner of K9 School India, said the seminar was organised to make people aware about the condition of desi dogs in India, how they have been ignored and what can be done to improve the existing situation.


untitled-5The seminar included a session with dog nutritionists helping the participants to understand the feeding requirements. Furthermore, experiences shared by pet parents having stray dogs and locality stray dog care takers and the challenges faced by them while dealing with these dogs were discussed. K9 School India is a revolutionary dog training centre of 40,000 sq ft set up, which offers various activities including swimming, boarding, dog gym, physical conditioning, pet socialisation and much more.

Complete pet care products @ RACE

Mr Venugopal

Mr Venugopal

Rayonnant Animal Health (RACE) is a largest division of Rayonnant Natural Care Cexcellence Pvt Ltd (India). Born out of the vision of Mr Venugopal, who is a professional scientist passionate about animal healthcare, crop care and material preservation, Rayonnant Group is working on the development of innovative pet care products for companion and production animals. The company manufactures and markets novel products for skin and hair cares, ectoparasite and nutrition management for pets. Founded in early 2009 with just two products serving only the Bengaluru market, its portfolio has expanded now to more than 50 SKUs and the products are available at leading veterinarians and pet shops across the country.


Researches and innovations at RACE have led to development of several products, which are under patenting in India, US and Europe. They are leading Indian company to introduce products like Chlorhexidine Wipes, Shampoo and Leave-On Spray, EDTA TRIS Ear Flush, Wound Shield, among others. Moreover, Mr Venugopal and his team of young professionals always look ahead to providing newer and more effective research-based innovative solutions to the need of the companion animals. For further information, contact RACE at: or 07760099728.


Canine Elite for every delight of your pooch
Canine Elite in New Delhi is a unique pet facility catering to dogs and cats in their very own private suites. At the facility, beautiful theme rooms are available to choose from—small, medium and large to even penthouse style private suites. Facilities such as air conditioning, air purifier, theme specific rooms, swimming pool, Skype chats, photos and videos of the pets can also be requested. Every canine guest at Canine Elite has a specially designed meal chart for the duration of their stay.


Exclusive facilities available at Canine Elite include: swimming pool, pet’s events (birthdays, pool parties), training, adoptions, grooming, vet services, canine couture, penthouse style cattery, canine workshop for designing pet houses, canine meals and accessories, post-operative care, pet taxi, canine hydrotherapy and pet day care. The pet facility has also its very own shelter called ICUC (Indian Canine Upliftment Centre) which organises educational camps to spread awareness on adoption of homeless and abandoned dogs among children and adults. With the recent expansion, Canine Elite now can accommodate up to 50 dogs and 30 cats. Online ‘boarding form’ with detail information is available at; and for further inquiries, write in at: or call 08860084511, 9871397173, 9871397179


Crown Vet offers world-class pet care facilities
Crown Vet, located at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai, is a veterinary clinic offering world-class facilities of medical treatment, coupled with post-operative care, all under one roof. The clinic, thoughtfully designed by ACD Projects, an architect firm in England that specialises in veterinary facilities, has only one focus – the patient. Spread over an area of 4,500 sq ft, the clinic boasts of consulting rooms that lead to prep room, where the patient is prepared for minor or major surgeries, X-ray and ultrasound facilities. For more details, contact at: 1800228387

Dr A Sangaran elected as IAAVP gen secy

Dr A Sangaran

Dr A Sangaran

Dr A Sangaran, a professor at the Department of Veterinary Parasitology, Madras Veterinary College (Chennai), has been elected as the general secretary of the Indian Association for Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (IAAVP) during the association’s Silver Jubilee National Symposium organised recently in Chennai. He has 20 years of experience in his profession and has received several awards including Dr JP Dubey Young Scientist Award and Smt Nishamani Parija Oration Award for his contributions in the field of Parasitic Zoonoses and Public Health.