A date with kitties at Cat Cafe Studio


If you are a feline lover, Cat Café Studio in Mumbai is the place to be! Here’s more on this café.
Started by Mriidu Khosla, Charu Khosla and Jason Moss, Cat Café Studio in Mumbai is the place for all feline lovers. Featured by Elle magazine as one of the 20 women to watch out for, Mriidu Khosla has worked on numerous documentaries, music videos, corporate films, event coverage and short films in India and US. And this filmmaker, editor, writer and cinematographer has a magnetic and unparalleled style to direct films and candid photography.  Charu Khosla is a doctor-turned photographer, whose intelligence dazzles in compositions. Her warmth radiates in emotional captures and her style shines in every click. Her honest drift towards art creates magic and models especially have a gleaming comfort around her. And Jason Moss is from Florida, but based in Mumbai now. With a degree in film and media journalism, this man’s unconventional perspective gives an extraordinary blend to films.
The beginning…
The idea behind Cat Cafe Studio was essentially to get more and more cats adopted into loving homes. The cafe has been running its creative agency Zcyphher since 2010. Since then the cafe has been into cat rescue mission. Earlier they were trying to get the rescues adopted through their immediate friends and family circle which got saturated pretty quick. That’s when they realised if they were going to do this properly, they need to open it up to the public and get more and more people aware about cats and about how awesome pets they really are. That’s how Cat Café Studio was born in early 2015. Cat Café Studio is open to every cat lover and enthusiast. No entry fees or hourly payments are charged with visitors for visiting the feline fellows at the cafe. They (visitors) can lounge in the company of cats while sipping on freshly brewed coffee or devour a slice of cake coming straight out of oven. The cafe currently hosts between 30 and 40 cats at any given time. Every rescued kitty is nurtured to good health before he joins the huge cat clan of Cat Café Studio.
Services offered…
Cat Cafe Studio offers a menu full of all types of coffees, teas (hot and cold), variety of beverages including milkshakes, sandwiches, cakes, muffins, bagels, among others. The cafe also serves popsicles. As per what visitors want, the menu keeps changing, adding latest flavours into it. For further improvement in their service, Cat Cafe Studio is always open to feedbacks from their visitors.
Events and more…
Regular events at Cat Café Studio are ranging from Open Mics, Band Performances, Flea Markets to Open Houses, Adoption Camps and more. The events are organised in connection to popular festivals and public occasions like Children’s Days, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year Celebrations. With its new Art Studio, which is ready now, Cat Cafe Studio is planning to host plays, art and other cultural activities regularly. The studio is designed for promoting independent artists from all over the country to come and display their works; musicians, poets and even writers are welcomed to the cafe to exploit the creative environment and seek inspiration.
Adoption drive…
So far, Cat Cafe Studio has managed to get over 300 cats adopted. “We adopted our cat Leo from Cat Café Studio in September 2015. Everyone at the cafe is very helpful—from helping to find a good vet to what kind of treats the kitty might like. Leo completes our family and we are blessed to have him. When you rescue an animal, you give him love and a home, but it isn’t until much later you realise the ways in which he rescues you and fills your life with unconditional love. We are so glad we found Cat Café Studio,” remarks Sonal and Chetna Pandya, pet parents of Leo.
All cats at Cat Café Studio are up for adoption. For details and consultation on adoption process, just visit the cafe or log on to: http://catcafestudio.com