Arunoday Singh: The hero who loves ‘Daku’


Arunoday Singh is a well-known Bollywood hero. And when we discovered that there is just one love, which he is following since childhood we wanted to know more. So, here, Arunoday shares his story of love and compassion for pooches.  

Arunoday Singh was recently seen romancing Nargis Fakhri in David Dhawan’s Main Tera Hero. He debuted with Sikandar and has given some great performances in Sudhir Mishra’s Yeh Saali Zindagi and Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2. According to him, it was after watching actor Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront that he decided to become an actor. He also shared about his constant companions, who were there with him all through his life. No price for guessing, they are his DOGS & PUPS.
Pooch lover…since childhood
Grandson of Arjun Singh, an Indian politician, and belonging to a reputed family from MP, Arunoday always enjoyed opulent childhood. He shared good times with numerous pets and dogs. As per him, “I had dogs throughout my life. It is really difficult to remember a moment without them. And similarly, it’s hard to imagine my life without them.”
Till now, he has been blessed with 10-12 pets and there are no favourites…all are equally special in their own way. But suddenly, he shared with a smile, “At my parent’s place, we have one big dog Leo – a Collie, he is really big. He is most loving and loyal dog with a big heart.  There’s also a miniature Pomeranian named Tuki. They both have great temperament, they are really sweet.”
There are endless stories about Arunoday’s pets, which he cherishes till today. He feels that out of all the pets that he has had over the years, his current pet Daku – a Rottweiler – is his very own. “My earlier pets were all my family pets. There were many people, like my mother, father and sisters, who were looking after their all needs. But one which I am having with me in Mumbai is my first very own pet as I am responsible for all his needs. It’s a special feeling.”
Doggy Daku!
They both have great fun together. “My dog Daku doesn’t like to run or walk. He just loves swimming and we both go together for swimming in the sea. He also loves to play in water,” he shared. Their fun and adventure is not just confined to Mumbai, he often travels to new places with him, “We often go to Goa, and he accompanies me in the car. He just loves Goa. And whenever, I go to my parents’ place, he just loves to spend time there with his other furry pals. They all have a gala time together.”
Chewy bites!
On asking about uniqueness of this pooch-pal bond, he told that every relationship has its own specialty and uniqueness as he shared, “One thing which I find really strange about him is that Daku just loves to chew my hand, though he never bites or hurts me. It’s really strange to see him enjoying while doing so. Sometimes he sleeps while chewing my toes…he is so adorable.”
Smarty kiddo!
While sharing more about intelligence of his four-legged companion, he mentioned, “He is very sharp and intelligent dog. He learns things quickly. While training him, it’s very easy to make him understand things and he just learns any new thing in just 2-3 days. Whenever I am talking to him, I feel he just understands everything.”
Message to pet parents…
“Be responsible to your pet. We can have many pets in our whole life, but our pet will have just one parent for life. Get a dog only when you are prepared for it,” he concluded.