Singer Akriti Kakar’s Adorable Audio

Apart from being a popular singer, composer, and reality singing show judge, Akriti Kakar is a dog mom too. Here, Dogs & Pups sets out a journey into the heart of this lady with a powerhouse of melody to discover the room of love she keeps for her pooch Audio.

Akriti Kakar with Audio
Akriti Kakar with Audio

As a kid, Akriti Kakar was actually very averse to even being around pets. Her cousin then had a Pom who was kept away in another room whenever she visited their house. “Over the years I was petrified of pets, irrespective of how cute they are. This attitude of mine changed just four years ago!” recalls Akriti.

First love

“The first pet who came into our life was a Maltese called ‘Popcorn’. He was actually a gift from some friends to my sisters. He was the reason how I and we all in the family fell in love with a dog. After that I got myself my own dog ‘Audio’ who is a three-year-old Maltipoo,” narrates Akriti, adding that Popcorn is now living with her parents and sisters.

She continues, “Audio is such a crazy and fun loving dog, who is extremely sensitive and agile. At the age of three he understands more than most other dogs do. He responds to emotions which are very humanly.” On spending time with Audio, Akriti says his bed is in her bedroom and he’s totally her magnet. “He follows me around the house like my tail &bouncer. He watches the door while I take a shower and sits behind me while I do riyaz or record in music room,” she explains.

Jealous guy

“Audio doesn’t let anyone speak to me loudly or even hug me. If anybody does so, he’d bark at them. I find him looking at me, which is so endearing &funny at the same time. I am around him all the time… feed him his meals and walk him when I’m in town. I play hide &seek with him as I throw his toys around and hide while he is fetching them and he comes back looking for me.”

When asked about what she thinks Audio loves the most about her, Akriti replies, “I wish Audio could speak and tell you this answer. But I guess how I smother him with all my love is what he loves. I feel he somehow just knows if I’m around, then everything is alright for him. He even doesn’t go on a walk with anyone if I’m around. I’m the one who pampers him most and also disciplines him.”

Light of my life

A matter of fact is that Akriti considers Audio almost as a human. “Despite being so attached he’s also very contained when it comes to entertainment. He’s truly the light of my life,” she mentions, adding, “When I am at a getaway around Mumbai, I plan it if he can come along. He’d sit on my lap throughout the journey staring outside the window.”

Audio loves to run in open spaces and hence Akriti never leaves him without a leash in new places. But he is an expert in making places he goes his own home and his comfortable corner. Akriti makes sure she takes Audio’s bed, his favourite toys, some treats and home-cooked food for him wherever they go out on a short or long trip.

Food & fitness

“We make sure that Audio plays enough fetch games in the house to get his daily workout and run. About food, we feed him all sorts of packed dog food. We prepare some home-cooked food mixed with meat,veggies, and rice with flax seed and coconut oil, He loves it,” says Akriti, adding that ‘Nuts Over Mutts’ is one of his favourite home-grown brands.

On feeding, responsible pet parenting & grooming, Akriti urges, “A lot of people just get pets to look cool and share adorable pictures on social media platforms like Instagram. However, having a pet is like having a child that you just didn’t give birth to. You need to be extremely sensitive to their needs—emotionally & physically! Treat them with respect &love like a family member. Then they will devote all of themselves to you in your joys & sorrows.”

Akriti’s PawFun with Audio

  • Favourite activity together: Playing a combination of hide &seek and fetch.
  • Annoying habits: None! I love him so much.
  • Funny/crazy antics: He does whole regimes of Sit, Hello, Hands Up, Roll, Round, etc, then he gets his treat!