Malvika and Mieko– Cuteness Personified!


Remember little Poo from the movie Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham? Meet Malvika Raaj, who’s a popular Indian actress and model and her beloved furry friend, Mieko. She won hearts with her performance in the movie and has made a mark for herself in the Telugu movie industry!

Mieko – my love at first sight
I’m a big dog lover but never had any because of the inhibitions my family members had. I told them when my sister gets married I’ll get a puppy and literally a week after she got married I got Mieko (Apricot Mini Poodle). He is my first pet and has now become everyone’s favourite in the family.

I remember the first time I saw him; he was about two and a half months old. It was love at first sight, something I have never experienced in my life before. My eyeballs had taken heart shape and ever since the love and adoration have only increased.

Redefining affection, one wag at a time
They say ‘A dog is a man’s best friend’ and I couldn’t agree more. The time I’m at home, he’s my little tail, we play tug of war, spend time together, cuddle, and sleep together. Mieko has to smell everything I eat and maybe try it too if he’s allowed. He’s the most affectionate dog I have come across. He’s my all-time companion.

Ever since Mieko has come into my life, I look forward to going back home only because of the warm welcome he gives. Even if I go down for five minutes and come back home, he excitedly jumps, hugs, licks and is thrilled to see me. It fills you with so much warmth that cannot be expressed in words. I think he loves the amount of attention he gets from me. He knows that I’m obsessed with him!

Making memories together
When we are on our road trips, we definitely take Mieko along. His first trip with us was at my friend’s resort Anchaviyo (Palghar, Maharashtra). It was the first time Mieko experienced real grass and he had the best time running and rolling.

Healthy pet = Happy pet
I am very particular about his diet and nutrition. He eats his daily home-cooked meals and sometimes his bacon treats which he loves. He looks forward to go for his regular evening walks and socialising with other dogs. He is quite a social butterfly! His favourite food – chicken, cheese and bacon.

On his birthday I got him doggie cupcakes with chicken and cheese, and it was such a treat to watch him gobble them up!

It is very important to keep your pet happy, healthy and clean. If you have taken the responsibility to keep a pet, then one must look into it with full dedication. He is a part of your family and should be treated like one.

Favourite activity together: Cuddling and sleeping at night.

His annoying habits: He’s a foodie and has no table manners.

His qualities you love: His affection, intelligence and puppy eyes!

His funny/crazy antics: He gets his ‘Zoomies’ where he suddenly runs all over the house with full energy and speed. I enjoy watching him enjoying and being himself!