10 amazing facts about lovable pooches!


Pooches always seem to amaze us by their crazy antics, interesting characteristics and their bond with humans. Here are 10 Amazing Facts, which perhaps some of you might not know.
01  Just for you buddy
Have you heard all-time famous The Beatles’ song A Day in The Life? Well, there is an ultrasonic whistle at the end of the song, which is audible only to dogs. This sound was recorded by Paul McCartney for his Shetland Sheepdog.
02  A cup in the tongue
Your pooch carries a cup all the time to drink water. Confused? Well, dogs curl the back of their tongue in the form of a cup to drink water.
03  Pooch-shaped building
The Tirau i-SITE Visitor Centre in New Zealand is shaped like a dog. The shape of the Dog’s Head was constructed by local craftsman Steven Clothier.
04 A bear for a dog
George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, a famous poet and writer, was always an animal lover. Whilst studying at Cambridge University in the 1800s, he was banned from keeping his pet dog along. So, he brought a tame bear with him as there was no mention of bears in the college statute.
05  Don’t mess with me
Ever wondered why your dog kicks after doing his business? Well, he is using the scent glands on his paws to mark his territory.
06  Dreams in sleep
Have you seen your pooch twitching and moving his paws while sleeping? Well, your pooch is dreaming…just like humans, they have a same type of slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement, during which they dream.
07  Three dog night
The expression ‘three dog night’ means extremely cold night. The expression comes from Down Under. Cowboys spend a lot of time outdoors with their dogs. They cuddle up to their dog when it is cold. Sometimes, when it is extremely cold, they need to cuddle upto three dogs to stay warm, hence the expression.
08  Pet parent  to 5000 dogs
China-based Kubla Khan  (1216-1294) had 5000 Mastiffs to his company.
09 One size fits all!
This fact might amaze you – all dogs, regardless of their breeds, have 321 bones and 42 adult teeth! And you thought a lap dog and a giant breed would differ!
10  Mention in Bible
Dogs are omnipresent…they are even mentioned 14 times in the Holy Bible.