Tanishaa Mukerji’s pooch affairs


Tanishaa Mukerji, an Indian actress, has recently gained a lot of fame with her stint in the popular television reality show Bigg Boss 7, where she ended up being first runner up. She considers her mother, actress Tanuja, as her lifeline whereas Kajol (multi-award-winning actress), her elder sister and her brother-in-law actor Ajay Devgan are real buddies in her life. Undoubtedly, she is the youngest and most pampered one in the family; yet she herself loves to pamper her poochie pals. Here Dogs & Pups brings tidbits about her pooch affairs!
Hailing from a prominent film industry family, Tanishaa Mukerji is an Indian film actress, known for her work in several Bollywood flicks like Ssshhh…; Popcorn Khao! Mast Ho Jao; Tania; Tango Charlie; Neal N Nikki, etc. She has also been part of Marathi, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil films. Her recent appearances on TV in reality show Bigg Boss 7 kept her in news for many months. But still a few would know about her pooch love.
Pooches…since childhood!
“I have had pets all my life. I was gifted my first pet at the age of three. He was a black Pomeranian whom I named Bimbo. Over the years I have had lots and lots of dogs. I lose count thinking about them but they have given beautiful memories and some great times,” shared Tanishaa.
Having countless dogs over the years as pets is a testimony to her fathomless love for dogs. But there is always one or two who must be really close to her heart. On asking her about any special favourites, we got the expected reply, “I cannot make any one my favourite as they all were members of my family and each one was special in their own sense. But yes, there’s one fond memory of my first dog. I used to have birthday parties for my first dog Bimbo as a child. My great grandmother used to make little cakes and we would invite all the dogs in the building.”
Doggy dairy!
She feels lucky to have company of her new found canine love – her current pet named Leo. Her day revolves around him, when she is at home. Sharing more about her day with Leo, she added, “The way Leo jumps up every time I come home is really admirable. He cuddles and sleeps with me all the time. There’s nothing more beautiful than having a loving and caring pet.”
According to Tanishaa, the unconditional love that one gets from the four-legged companion is matchless. She feels it’s the only love that makes this relationship wonderful. “My dogs love the way we play, do crazy things together. And in return I get loads of love and pampering too,” she added.
She also loves to take her pets on a vacation, but only if it is comfortable for the dog. “I only take my pets to Lonavala because we have a family home there. I don’t travel on flights with them as not only is it inconvenient for me but more so because it’s uncomfortable for them. We have a great time together,” she told.
Paw parenting!
Being a pet parent for long, she knows all the dos and don’ts of pet parenting. And as per her, she is a responsible pet parent, who herself takes care of all her pets’ exercise and nutrition needs. “Leo loves to gorge on chew sticks,” she shared.
Message to pet parents…
“When you have a dog, take care of him like a family member,” she concluded.