KPS gift ideas for your Valentine pooch


With the Valentine’s Day is around the corner, how about pampering your pooch with some pawsome gifts.

  • Stylish collar: Gift him a stylish collar with his name and your mobile number inscribed on it for safety.
  • Treats: Give him the treat he loves or prepare a dog-friendly treat for him.
  • Toys: Gift him a few squeaky toys or chew toys. This will engage him for hours on end.
  • Dog accessories: Choose from a variety of dog accessories to make him look stylish and smart.
  • Spa session: Pamper him to a grooming session. Let him relax and look adorable.
  • Date with a vet: If you have been putting off his vet’s appointment for some time, how about taking him to your vet for a routine check up.
  • Mate: You can also fix a date with a neighbour’s dog he has been eyeing for so long. Just make sure to watch them out.
  • A day out: Spend the day with him in a dog-friendly resort or park.
  • Nothing like love: A dog-human bond is priceless. Love him and take care of him – today and all tomorrows.