Fun in the Sun


Longer days, shorter nights…lot of time for fun ‘n’ play. But the heat of summer sometimes takes a toll on all of us, including our canines. Let’s make the season safe for our loving canines. Summer time is for a lot of fun and play. While we take a lot of care to keep us cool and safe in sun, we need to do the same for our lil’ furry beings, who do not know how to beat the summer heat. Here are a few tips to keep them cool in summer:
Rest in shade: Keep your pet indoors or in shade during most part of the day to prevent heatstroke.
Cool water: Make cool water accessible to him throughout the day.
Don’t clip the coat too short: Pet parents sometimes think it wise to clip the hair of their pooch short to beat the summer heat. But a very short clip can actually cause sunburns to him.
Keep him well-groomed: Alternatively, keep him well groomed during summers and it can also help you in detecting any abnormalities in his skin.
Roll in the grass: All dogs love to play and roll in the grass but the fertilizers on the grass may be harmful to them. After a roll, make sure you groom him clean.
Fun outdoors: Take him for a walk in the cooler parts of the day – early morning or late evening.
Cool him after exercise: Make sure to hydrate your pooch with plenty of water and fluids after walks and exercise. You can also cool him off with a refreshing spray of a garden hose.
Paw care: Your pet’s paws can get burnt due to hot gravel or pavement. After outdoor walk, rub his footpads with petroleum jelly and then wash with soap and water.
Never in the car alone: Never leave your pooch inside the car alone, even if you think it will just take a while to finish your errand. Any delay can cause him a heat stroke as the temperature inside the car rises to high levels.
Less food intake: Your pooch may eat less during summer, so do not force-feed him.
Beware of fleas and ticks: Since this is the season for fleas and ticks, make sure you take proper care. Keep his bedding clean; wash and mop your floors regularly.
Special care: Take special care for puppies, obese and geriatric dogs as they can suffer more during summer season. Also take care of long-haired and short-nose dogs.
Watch out signals: If your dog is panting excessively, dehydrated, drooling, having rapid pulse or fever, take him to a cool place and offer plenty of water. Do not soak or immerse him in water as his body temperature can rise and cause hypothermia. Take him to the vet immediately as he may be suffering from heatstroke.
So, let’s make summer time equally fun for our canines and give them the love and care they need and deserve.