KPS way to help your dog lose weight


Sometimes, pet parents go overboard in pampering their pets, which makes the pets obese and attracts to ill health and can become life-threatening too. Here’s how to help your dog lose weight.

  • Feed at fixed intervals: Do not let food available to your pooch at all times. Only feed him at fix intervals, in consultation with your vet.
  • Right quantity: Give your dog breed-and age-specific diet, on advice of your vet.
  • Choose a quality dog food: Always choose a dog food with higher protein content so that the dog feels full.
  • Exercise: Exercise him and do not let him live a sedentary life.
  • Minimise treats: Do not over indulge with treats. A pat on the back will also be good for your dog.
  • Monitor his progress: Always monitor his weight loss regime. If he is not losing enough, you need to ascertain the cause and make necessary changes in his diet and exercise.
  • Maintain it: Once you reach his goal weight, maintain the diet and exercise schedule.