Sparkle’s first Diwali – the little bundle was just about two and a half months old. We tried our best to save him from the ordeal – but exhaustion & tension of the noise – led to the little one finding himself a safe corner and guess where? In a shoe where he snuggled his nose and ears in and then slept. Ever since these tiny paws came home, it’s been – FOR YOU I WILL – to keep you safe and secure at all times.

Diwali, the festival of lights, brings happiness and cheer all around…but not so for the pets as they feel scared and nervous due to the sounds made by the burst crackers and the smoke that is generated. This is because the dog’s sensitivity to noise is far more sensitive than ours. And sudden sounds can make them nervous. Fireworks and loud noises can make them tremble, whine and they might try to escape, in turn, hurting themselves in frenzy, some might out of fear crouch under a bed and be afraid, and at times even – Growl, Snap or Bite – when they feel threatened. And each Dog will react differently.
In times of distress to our pets & strays, due to NOISE, it is best to make sure they are safe during this time.
On Diwali, keep your pet indoors and shut all doors and windows to keep away sound. Try to be with them and comfort them when required. Give them their favourite treats and keep water bowl around. Put on sounds of the television/radio – sounds which they are used to in their daily life.
Besides, keep all unwanted objects like lighted diyas, crackers, decorations, etc away from their reach. Do not feed them sweets and other delicacies as it can upset their stomach. Try to stick to their daily routine, but do not take them out when crackers are being bursted. Keeping a first aid kit handy is always a good idea!
And it is not just our pets who need attention…strays need it too! If possible, give them a secure place to rest, and give them food and water. Do not let anyone abuse them with crackers.
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Sparkle & team wish you a SPARKLING festival season ahead, may HEALTH, JOY, PEACE, HAPPINESS, SUCCESS and MORE…always be with you!
Happy reading!