Paw-memories to Cherish Forever


Ever since your human child is in the embryonic stage, you start filling up his scrapbook. You can do the same for your furry companion. Since it’s very difficult to find a memory book for a pet in Indian book stores, you may order one online or make one on your own. Let’s see how to make a pawfect scrapbook for your pooch.
Pallavi Bhattacharya
Your pooch is like a child and it is so much fun to chronicle his growing up years – things that make you look at him in awe and which would bring a smile to your face whenever you remember it. You may make a computerised scrapbook, a touch and feel journal, or both. Like all scrapbooks, let information and illustration be placed adjacently.
Just like a baby’s memorabilia has some essential categories, the same applies for a dog’s scrapbook. Here’s a checklist of a few sections which you would like to chronicle:
Jot the fundamentals: The dog’s name, nicknames, gender, breed and lineage – these are fundamental details about your pet, with which the book should start. You may keep a list of the names that you had shortlisted for him. If you have enough details about his ancestry, you may also add a family tree.
Physical descriptions and growth chart: Record details like the colour of your pet’s fur and its texture, how his tail is like, his cute paws, colour and expression of his eyes and his ruffly ears. Without hurting your pet, you may clip a miniscule of his fur and stick it as well.
Audio bytes: Record your dog’s woofs, growls and barks; and upload the audio or video clips of those on your computerised scrapbook. Record your canine’s mood during the various kinds of barks.
Growth and development chart: Make a table in which you may chart out your dog’s length, height and weight over months and years. Also chronologically list his milestones as far as psychological development is concerned.
Thought for food: What kind of food makes your pet smack his lips? What makes him cringe? Make two tables for both.
Toys he loves: Similarly click snaps of his favourite toys, the ones he loves to chew on and is possessive about.
Puppy years: Fondly chronicle your dog’s golden childhood. Write down all he did as a frisky and playful puppy. When he was a tiny creature, where did he hide himself? How did he gradually warm up to the family?
Daily timetable: What does your pet do all around the clock? Record his daily regimen from maybe bringing in the daily newspaper to when he cuddles up with you in the night.
Cutest activities: Do you adore the moments when your pet looks at you in the sweetest expectant way possible simultaneously wagging his tail when he is to get his meal? Make a list of all the adorable things he does, take candid pictures of the same and document them.
Naughtiest antics: A pet is like a child, every kid does something mischievous. After your pet is no more, you will love to remember the very times that he stole something from the kitchen or destroyed expensive household property. Also click pictures of his guilty expression after his misdeed.
Proudest moments: Your pet child may have brought honour to you multiple times. Maybe he caught a burglar, saved someone from the fire or won a trophy at a dog show. What kind of compliments did he get during those times? Write down everything.
In sickness and in health: Caring for an ailing pet may have been trying times, but are nevertheless meant to be remembered. Make a note of details like your vet’s name, his diagnosis, tests done, the surgery procedure, how your dog faced the ordeal and the road to recovery.
Old age: Your dog’s eyesight and limbs may weaken, when he grows old. Describe how the once energetic puppy has aged gracefully over the years. How has he psychologically matured in the process?
Click! Click!: Capture both close-up and long shots of your dog. Take pictures of him during various parts of the day and night, in natural moods both solo and along with family members. Choose the best pictures for the scrapbook.
Video files: Take video clips of your pet in various circumstances and doing different kinds of activities. Use catchy captions to describe them.
Pencil art: You may ask a professional artist to sketch your dog. Your kids can also come up with interesting drawings of him. Along with photographs, sketches/paintings will look nice in your scrapbook.
Paw prints: Just like every human being has a distinct foot print, every dog has a different paw print. Ink your pet’s paw and on a cardboard paper give the imprint.
Attractive packaging: You may deck the scrapbook with coloured paper, paw print graffiti, dog stickers, bone shapes and tie all the pages with a lovely ribbon. If you have a computerised one, you may choose from a wide array of templates, use a power
point presentation or make a website for your dearest companion.
Preserve the memories: Keep backups of an electronic scrapbook on your pen drive, CD and e-mail storage. If it’s a tangible one, you may laminate the sheets or use plastic covers. Keep it safely in the cupboard along with your family albums and scrapbooks of your kids; in a zone which is free of pests and termites.
Over the years, this scrapbook will be a treasure trove for all the memories of your beloved pet.