Do you know who loves me?


Pets in childhood: Never had a pet as a child. Calvin and Hobbes are my first pets.
Any special favourite: Though I love them both, Hobbes, the Golden Retriever, is close to me!
Incident you would like to share: When we first took them to swimming, it was a treat as they are natural swimmers. Hobbes loved the water; he kept diving in and out! Calvin, the Lab, was as lazy as ever, swimming a bit and then lazing on the stairs of the dog pool.
Special antics you cherish: I love it when Hobbes does a little dance on the sofa when he sees me after a gap. Hobbes has a funny bark when he misses you, and Calvin is possessive about my dad… no one can touch him when Calvin is around! Calvin is very cute when he wants food – he just stares at you with those lovely eyes, making your heart melt.
Spending time with your dog: I play whenever I get a chance. Sometimes they sleep on the bed with me; other times it’s fun to tease them with a toy or something.
Favourite activity together: Calvin likes sleeping in my lap while Hobbes likes to chase me for my hairband.
Annoying habits: Calvin barks when you say ‘bye bye’ while Hobbes eats cotton!
What you love most about them: They love me to unconditionally except the food of course! Seriously, they make all the day’s troubles go away! They are so intelligent and funny! Love it when I say ‘Let’s go for a bath”. Calvin hides between my legs, Hobbes can’t wait to take a bath! And they both love long drives.
What do you think your dogs love most about you: That I give them treats!
What is a special treat for your dog: Lots of them- biscuits, special doggy treats made of beef, chicken, lamb, fish, etc.
Your pet’s favourite dishes: Hobbes loves mangoes, watermelons, and chicken-anything! Calvin loves ice cream, chicken, but he is a bit choosy.
Tip you would like to share: Keep the weight in check! And it’s always good to groom them everyday.