Royal Canin brings Vet Business Forum for first time in India


Being a good vet is not just about scientific knowledge alone. A host of other skills are required, including communication, finance, HR and even marketing, which are collectively called ‘practice management.’ Shedding light on this, Royal Canin India had organised Vet Business Forum on 3rd and 4th December 2016 in Mumbai, for the first time in India, so that vets from all over the country could meet and share their practice management experiences with the industry experts.
Opening of the plenary session on the first day of the forum was marked with an introduction and welcome speech from Alexis Bray and Dr Ashish Mishra, followed by eight subsequent sessions conducted by three keynote speakers—Pere Mercader, Antje Blaettner and Phillipe Baralon. The three speakers narrated about the ideas to double business, value addition in selling diets in vet practice, selling techniques, client orientation and other topics. On the second day, the discourse at the forum continued with topics involving around consultation strategy, pricing strategies for veterinary services and tips on dealing with unhappy or angry customers. A workshop for vets was organised on the concluding day. In addition to the plenary sessions and workshops, Royal Canin India also presented a merchandising area with two virtual clinic setups of 300 and 900 sq ft on 1:1 scale. It showcased how a clinic should look like internally and externally, while optimising the space for different areas within a clinic. Latest merchandising tools were also displayed along with a special emphasis on colours, light, aroma, etc to create a mood and increase the waiting experience of pet parents. Royal Canin India also took the opportunity to introduce their new product Anallergenic to the vets, which is considered to be the world’s most sophisticated tool to diagnose AFR.