FSAPAI-WSAVA CE 2016 organised at Chandigarh


Organised by SACA (Small Animal Clinicians’ Association), the 15th WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) and 8th FSAPAI (Federation of Small Animal Associations of India) Continues Education (CE) program has recently been concluded in Chandigarh. Theme of the CE this year was ‘Learning To-Gather to Serve Better’. The three-day event witnessed four eminent speakers from India and abroad—Dr Umesh Kallihal, director, Scientific Communications, MARS India; Dr C Ramani, professor, Department of Veterinary Surgery & Radiology, Madras Veterinary College; Dr Jill Elizabeth Maddison, Professor of General Practice, Director of Professional Development & Director of Extramural Studies, The Royal Veterinary College UK; and Dr Bryden Stanley, Section Chief of Surgery, Michigan State University, USA.  The keynote speakers talked explanatively about diverse topics including dermatology, ophthalmology, internal medicines and soft tissue surgery. In addition, the ‘Out Reach Lecture’ was organised for about 50 veterinary students who attended the event. Dr CB Singh, President, SACA and vice-president of FSAPAI, remarked, “This was the best ever professional CE event organised for the veterinarians associated with companion animal practice in India. Presence of sponsors like MARS India, Royal Canin, SAVA Vet, Intas, Cipla, Cargill & Idexx Laboratories made the event a grand success. More than 500 veterinarians who participated in the event gathered perfect practical knowledge to serve their pet patients.
New champions at Pedigree HyCan’16 in Hyderabad
The Hyderabad Canine Club has organised Pedigree HyCan’16—the 38th & 39th Championship Dog Shows & Obedience Trails—on 26th and 27th November 2016 at HITEX, Hyderabad. The show pulled above 300 dogs of more than 40 different breeds taking part in the competitions for top honours. Main features at the show consisted of Obedience Trails, Agility Competition, Flyball Demonstrations and Breed Championship Shows. Two days of the show were filled with impressive demonstrations and competitions.  “Year after year, our club has taken the initiative to introduce new concepts and make dog shows more exiting, educational and purposeful,” said Dr T Subhash Babu, Founder-President, Hyderabad Canine Club. The twin championship shows were judged by highly acclaimed judges, namely, Frank Waring, Susan Impey and Irina Poletaeva.
In addition to the 300 dogs competing in five rings, Pedigree HyCan ’16 additionally organised an outdoor ring exclusively for German Shepherds judging. “Level of fitness is usually the difference between the best in show dog and the rest. An exercise programme should start gradually, should be consistently applied, should provide variety and should progress toward a specific goal,” mentioned Phillip A Butt, CEO, Commando Kennels (P) Ltd, Hyderabad.  This year, at the same venue, HITEX exhibition centre organised PETEX India in which a host of leading pet care companies showcased their products and services. HyCan has been a trend setting pet show in India since its inception in the year 1995. From customised carpeted rings to prefabricated benches, HyCan shows have always been the first to introduce them in India.
Amulya Pet Specialty Clinic organises PAWS-2016
Salem-based Amulya Pet Specialty Clinic has recently organised PAWS-2016, an annual event in which professionals from reputed veterinary institutes addressed on use of scientific knowledge in dog care and other related topics. “Main motto of our event is to educate our clients (pet parents) to have scientific knowledge in rearing companion animals,” says Dr Amarnath Muthukrishnan, senior veterinary surgeon at Amulya Pet Specialty Clinic. The guest speakers at the PAWS-2016 this year included Dr B Nagrajan, Dr S Dharmaceelan and Dr S Suresh Kumar. An interactive question-answer session between the guest speakers and attending pet parents was productive. For more details, write in at: dramarvet@yahoo.co.uk