Bonding with Mario

Eshanika & Mario

My bonding with Mario started when I saw him for the first time; and we both knew right well in the first place what our destiny had set for us. At first, I was a bit scared of him, but now I can handle him alone. I love spending time with him and it seems like he enjoys my company too. It is such a wonderful pleasure to have him as part of my life.
Recently an incident occurred and that made me feel very irresponsible. My father was leaving for work, my mother was out of the house since morning and I was at school. So, when my father called the lift to go down, two lifts came at the same time. As the main door of the house was left open, Mario entered the other lift and then he reached the ground floor. But thankfully our driver who was waiting nearby spotted him, and got him back safe and sound. When I returned from school, I was narrated the incident and then I was very relieved and thankful to the driver.
Funny moments
Mario and me enjoyed funny moments together. One day, it was a hot summer afternoon when I finished my lunch and kept my curd aside on the side table, because I was very full and had decided to eat it after a while. At around 3o’clock, when I decided to have it I turned and I saw Mario slyly slurping my curd like a naughty brat. He generally comes running to wherever food is laid. It was a very funny incident that can never be forgotten.
Onion eater
I would like to share yet another funny incident here. Every day early in the morning Mario goes on a walk. And one day, after he came from his walk, for some reason, he was very hungry. So, he ran into the kitchen knowing no one would see him and got an onion from the vegetable rack. And he came back to the room.
I was woken up by the sound of chewing onion. To my surprise, I saw Mario eating an onion—a vegetable which was never ever eaten by him. Still it tickles me whenever I remember Mario eating onion in hunger!
–Eshanika Kajaria, Class VII, La Martiniere, Kolkata

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