All you need is love and Kofee

Kanika and Kofee stay in Almora, Uttarakhand. Kofee is an Instagram star and spreads happiness with his cute reels and antics. Know more about him and their heart-warming story!


With little steps he walked into our home, then our heart!

Kofee came into my life when mentally, physically and emotionally I was at the lowest point of my life. My father knew that I needed something that could bring happiness into my life. One day I woke up and there he was, a little ball of fur sitting nervously in the corner looking at everyone. In a room full of people, he decided to come running towards me. That was the moment I got it all back… I got all that happiness back. His innocent eyes, the soft fur, the first touch, I knew I held my happiness in my hands. Day after day, he brought me closer to life and the happy person I once was and I’ll always be grateful!

Love and affection – a two-way street!

The one thing that I love most about Kofee is his affectionate nature. He makes everyone in the family feel so loved and special. He has a routine with everyone in the family and he never misses out on it. From our house-help to his grandpa, he makes sure to greet everyone with his wagging tail and a big smile.

What does Kofee loves most about you? Kofee can answer this better, but what I feel is he loves all the kisses and hugs. He loves waking up next to me. Every morning when I wake up, he is sitting next to me and just looking at me. As soon as I open my eyes, he starts jumping and gets all excited.

Kofee– the Instagram sensation

It was not until May 2022 that anybody knew that Kofee existed on social media. When I returned to Almora from Gurgaon in May 2022, I posted a reel on how happy Kofee was to see his grandpa and it went viral with over 5 million views. That was the start and then there was no looking back. Kofee became super famous on Instagram with more than 20 viral reels and 40 million plus views. Kofee has his own Instagram family now who love him deeply and care for him.

Giving ‘it’s a dog’s life’ a whole new meaning

Kofee’s day starts with him going downstairs and getting his grandpa’s newspaper. Then he goes to his grandma and spends some time in bed with her. He takes another short nap (he learned that from me). Then he knows it’s time for Girish bhaiya (our housekeeper) to come, so he sits at the main gate and waits for him. Once he comes, Kofee follows him everywhere, goes for a walk with him and eats his breakfast.

Naptime is always with grandma, no matter what. After lunch, they both snuggle in bed and enjoy a deep sleep. Later, as soon as his uncle is done with his work, he waits outside his room and barks continuously until he goes down to play with him. After playing, they have the ritual of eating a fruit together. He loves to watch me work out and looks at me the whole time I am working out. The funniest part is that he knows exactly when my workout will be over. He then gets up from the bed and stands in front of the gate. After he eats his dinner, he sits under the dining room table and waits for his 2nd dinner. After dinner is done, he waits for everyone to go out on the patio and play with him. Finally, after he gets very tired, he goes straight to my room and sleeps on my bed. This is what a day in Kofee’s life looks like.

The joy of small things

Kofee loves football, which is indeed his favourite thing in the whole world. He would ignore his food, his mother or anything else in the world to play football with his uncle. Also, he loves collecting courier packages from delivery guys.

Always vouching for responsible pet parenting

Five things I would want to advice every pet parent –

  • Never keep them leashed inside the house. They are just like human kids. Let them explore and move around freely.
  • Hitting or screaming is a complete NO. Teach them, have patience and they will impress you with their smartness.
  • Don’t ask bloggers or other pet parents when your baby is sick. Take them to a vet and get them a proper consultation.
  • Deworming, tick medications and getting them vaccinated on time are the three things that should never be ignored.
  • A trained dog is a happy dog. Teach them all their life. Make it a part of their daily routine.

Spreading happiness, one funny antic at a time

His funniest thing is when he sits under the dining table to get some food from grandpa. He knows grandpa can’t give him food openly, so he hides under the table. He would occasionally keep his paw on grandpa’s feet to remind him to give him food. It is simply hilarious.

This is your sign to adopt a furbaby. Go ahead, adopt a furry friend, and see how they change your life for the better.