Sparkle Struck–Make them crazy in love


So this is about me—Sparkle, as my mom says I’m the most adorable and handsome Springer. Read on about my secrets to know how I train my Mom and Dad to dance to my tunes. I surely do train them all well.

I’m handsome but not vain, I catch a lot of attentions—people stop, stare, pet me and drool over me, over my eyes, six dots on my snout, even my flying ears—it just gets too much! I rather get some treats for my ever hungry tummy instead, but being a Spaniel, I am good humoured and polite. I am a fur ball with a mind of my own, and mostly it’s conniving to get my own way.

Life’s true joys—let’s live!
To run in free abandon, to sniff to one’s heart’s delight all the new smells, to explore endlessly, to splash in water and try to manage the breaking waves, to catch a driftwood from a riverbank, to chase butterflies and birds, to look at utter amazement at monkeys and wonder where they come from, to bark with a purpose and show how important one is, to always want to run out and play, that’s true joy.
When happy I express clearly, when sad the world knows again. Love wanted, simply snuggle and don’t give them a choice. All my needs and wants are expressed loud and clear. Siestas are always special; outdoors I adore, not to forget is the adorable look I have, which can melt any heart. What I really love is our holidays together, especially if a stream is involved. An inborn talent, I dive like an otter, swim & fetch stones, enjoy myself and the best part is everybody else loves watching me too. So, I simply put my best paw forward and have a splash. The hills I run to my heart’s content! Favourite squeaky toys I enjoy and I have a fetish for stones of all shapes and sizes—every walk time, I make it a point to pick a precious one and get it home. “Let’s go”—I guess it gets out the gypsy spirit in me as I love to roam.
THE WALK – A ritual, I train them
Exercise is essential! An active dog is a happy, healthy and loved dog. The signals for the same may be a gentle nudge with my cold adorable nose, and at other times I can be a little tornado who is barking and jumping—high time, just get up now! Then I use my ultimate emotional key—a big sigh and soulful look as if the world doesn’t care. This does the trick, but mom feels guilty like hell as she finally gets up and it is walk time. The rest is as we all know a happy story—jumping around the house; I have little patience and in my exuberance always run away with one of her shoes! And this happens every time!
Like an African tribal dance
The dance around the leash is like an African tribal dance and then at jet’s speed we’re out of the door, mom keeping pace with me, making people around us wonder ‘who is taking who for a walk?’ But this is when the fun starts, the endless amount of sniffing and territory markings, not to forget the friends we spot—some are special, others I just cannot stand. We love our morning walks, here I take full responsibility and keep a track on my mom, ensuring she is always behind me.
My stubbornness sometimes
Sometimes stubborn—mom and me, we do share a chemistry, and that too a funny one while on our walks. We walk on one side of the street, but on the way back, mind you, I have a mind of my own and choose the new side, no amount of cajoling, pulling and sometimes even tugging can change me. I stand rooted and mom has to give in…making both of us a laughing stock of passersby.
My walking targets, I leave no stone unturned… never give up and sniff every potential person at home or at work. If one candidate says ‘no’, the other one is targeted immediately, my strategy changes in a fraction of a second. Having done brain analysis of my targets I know who will give in. Such times, I am also very vocal. At evening walks, I dance my way to my dad’s heart, watching his each movement with precision and following his each step to take me for my walk.
Masters in the art of communication
Being a detective is fun! It’s a wonderful life and I constantly keep a watch over every move, emotion and action. The jingle of the cupboard keys gives a clue that my mom is leaving home. Being intelligent, I come and stand right next to her declaring—“I AM ALSO GOING WITH YOU” with a loud woof, tonnes of excitement and that adorable wag. How hard she tries but she cannot resist me! “Wear your sneakers & let’s go!” my brain decodes, it’s walk time, the whole symphony of TAKE ME ALONG starts again.
Pack your bags and if they are travelling without me, I create melodrama with soulful eyes and my lonely lonesome look. Eating something delicious and not giving me amounts to CRIME. When anyone is gloomy I feel and understand and just cuddle them. Angry or irritated—which my mom often gets. I’m the first one to find out & first lucky one to flee the room! Body language, tears, tone—truly a master communicator, I know it all. But they are lucky as I give them unlimited happiness, zest and love!
Beaming canine passenger
Drives—I simply love them. For safety matters, I am forbidden to put my head out. Office, my vet, gardens, vacations, relatives’ homes, etc, I enjoy them all. I go to work daily and back, not to forget, to India Gate on weekends. Depending on my energy levels I choose the way to sit. Energy levels high—I am upright with shining eyes; levels slightly low—then slouched comfortably on the car back rest and looking dreamily out; levels low—then I simply curl up like a cat and snores to glory. I get a lot of attention from neighbouring traffic and people who find the beaming canine passenger cute!
My friends
My long list of friends, who come and say ‘hello’ and do a nudge, a jump, a cold nose and make my family feel super special too, includes Kaalu at work, Goldy, Starry, Cranky, Fatso, Lady and many others. When we meet our favourite friends, the excitement is evident and to passersby, it seems like madness! Once Starry saved me from getting bitten by suitable suitors of my lady love!
Morning ritual—each and every morning & my pack
I love our ‘Good-Morning’ everyday with so much excitement and exuberance every morning. I rush to wake up Suhaan—it’s as if I have missed them. It always is a special morning trio–Suhaan, Mom and Me. We sniff, we sing, we cuddle and we curl. Suhaan takes good care of me. I was all of four when Suhaan was born, so I consider him a junior member of my pack and I take care of him with patience and love. He pampers me with treats; he likes my black spots and loves to take me to my vet Dr Rana. I think we both are scared of our respected doctors! When Suhaan’s friends come home that’s my time to take time out and away from home!
My mom feels happy when I sit next to her. She has endless names and endearments for me. She even cracks up in a song which to my mind is hilarious! My dad is trained the best and he dances to my tunes! My Family and Friends who I just adore treat me like royalty with all the treats and plays.
My charms are contagious as have successfully and sometimes manipulatively captured all hearts at work place too! My first day at home was when I was just 40 days old—scared, worried and missing my canine family. With love I managed to train them all and was super successful as they are all spellbound and “Sparkle Struck”!