Muthu –You are so MINE!


Meet Muthu, my furry sibling who gives me lessons in will-power, compassion, and unadulterated love.

Ayu Lodha and Muthu
Small steps, wet nose and the ever-cautious eyes, it was just a regular day for Muthu. Little did we know that it’ll turn out to be the most special days for the family. With the recent demise of our beloved pet had all of us cocooned to sorrow. Our white monkey broke that spell through his little steps that conquered our hearts (and our house!). He healed us and soon became an inseparable member of our family. Being the only child to my parents, Muthu has filled the sibling-void and has waded his way to be my parents’ favourite child.
Multitalented Muthu 
A curious learner, Muthu understands and responds to all the household languages that we speak. From helping dad in his newspaper puzzles to supervising mum’s kitchen work, he has perused through my study books and has helped me breeze through my exams. Multitalented baby of ours!
Being involved in social causes for animals, Muthu had accompanied me to various social campaigns and animal seminars. Friendly and curious by nature, it is hardly a surprise that everyone who has interacted with him, has fallen for those eyes, and that wagging tail is a proof of his love. My little monster certainly knows how to lick his way into people’s hearts.
Universe has conspired
Circumstances have not been that nice to our boy for, recently, he had to fight his way out through deadly Canine Distemper – a viral disease that is either incurable or renders significant post-recovery nervous damage. Though a disbelief that the disease occurred even while he has been vaccinated, our prayers were answered when Muthu came out of it with the minimum aftermaths. We also think that it was his strong Indie genes that worked magic. The universe has conspired for us to be with him and get his love.
My Muthu
His perseverance, never-say-die attitude and playfulness, have taught me to be a more compassionate person. It is through his unsaid actions that I strive hard not to give up on situations and circumstances that could otherwise weigh me down.
Walking alongside me in my life, little do I realise on how Muthu has lead us through a journey of almost two years. From being raised by a cat as his foster mom to taking care of my avian rescues, thank you for being around; cheers to the crazy, drooling smile of yours. You are mine and vice-versa, my Muthu Lodha.
Mantra–Adopt, Don’t Shop!
For all of you who have been contemplating on getting a dog, let me tell you it is a great choice. Life turns bright when you have a dog at home. Try adopting or fostering a dog to know what it means to relentlessly experience that warm welcome and unadulterated joy. Pure bliss!
Also follow the mantra – ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!
(Ayu Lodha is student at Seshadripuram Composite PU College, Bengaluru.)