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Q: Buddy your view on Swach Bharat please. Will it ever be?
–Venkat Reddy, Hyderabad
Buddy: Of course it will be, if you want it to happen. It’s all in your own hands my fellow citizens. You do your own bit and keep your own surroundings clean. If you see someone littering around point it out to them. And this message is for the pet parents too. When you take your pets for a walk please clean the poop. Don’t leave it on the road. It’s embarrassing for us and also it spreads infections and diseases
Q: Hi Buddy, I live in Mumbai in a very small apartment and I love dogs. But my mother does not allow a dog as she says the house is too small. What should I do?
–Reena Malhotra, Mumbai
Buddy: Oh dear! Though we have no problems with the space, the only thing is keeping a dog in the house is a big commitment. We have to take for walks regularly, we need space to move around and jump around. If the house is small usually pet parents keep the dog tied up most of the time and that’s really annoying and frustrating. The other option is you could spend time with furry friends for a couple of hours whenever you want. I know of Furs and Balls who do this. Please contact them.
Q: I am very scared of dogs and don’t like them anywhere close to me. How do I get rid of this fear?
–Anil Kumar, Bhopal
Buddy: Oh boy! That’s very sad and I know a lot of people who are scared of dogs. You don’t know what you are missing man! Open up… embrace life…take out of fear. Come and spend some time with me or contact Fur and Balls who have lovely and cute dogs, and I assure you, you will change your mind.
Q: Hi Buddy, I live in Mumbai. I am overweight and have no time to exercise. By the time I reach home I am dead tired. How do I keep myself fit?
–Nishant Wadekar, Mumbai
Buddy: Woof-woof! Yeah! I understand. You guys are busy working for long hours and spend endless time in traffic. You poor guys, I will tell you what I do and it works very well. Firstly start with your diet and food intake. I eat measured food and at regular intervals—three meals and two small snacks in between. But I am active throughout the day, which increases my metabolic rate and I drink lots and lots of water. You can exercise for 10-20 minutes whenever you get the time in between. Be chilled and related, that also helps to lose weight and you will not be tired.
Q. Buddy, I’m born on 20th February and a cusp between Aquarius and Pisces. What colour should suit me?
–Nidhi Jain, New Delhi
Buddy: He he! You humans are crazy! Never heard of this in my world. How can your birthday decide what colour will suit you. It depends on your own colour tone and sometimes it depends on your mood, time of
the day and the season. Go wear every colour which you like and enjoy!
Q. Hi Buddy, I am madly in love with a girl, but our horoscopes don’t match. Our family astrologer has said not to marry this girl. I am torn apart. What should I do?
–Prayag Sengupta, Kolkata
Buddy: Hmm! Don’t be torn apart. Just follow your heart. If you really, really love this girl, you should not even think twice. Nature only understands the language of love and knows nothing about horoscopes. I don’t have any and I am doing fine. Love is all that matters. Don’t pay attention to your astrologer. Ask him to contact me and we shall discuss.
(Buddy is furry buddy of Manjeet Hirani)
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