Book Reviews


Worzel Says Hello! Will You Be My Friend?
Author: Catherine Pickles, Publisher: Hubble & Hattie
ISBN: 9781787111608
Author Catherine Pickles and her Lurcher, Worzel, in this book Worzel Says Hello! Will You Be My Friend? will take you on a journey where you will gain an understanding of how dogs think and feel, so that all children can have a wonderful relationship with the dogs in their lives, and all dogs can feel happy, safe and loved. Lovingly illustrated in water colour by Chantal Bourgonje, the story is told from Worzel’s perspective, drawing the child into his world.
Dogs just wanna have FUN! – Picture this: Dogs at Play
Author: Cheryl Murphy, Publisher: Hubble & Hattie
ISBN: 9781787112018
Colourful and evocative photographs in this book are not about the bond between us and our canine companions, but the results of dog training, or the ever-expanding canine wardrobe. Rather, the focus of the book is on how dogs behave when they are freed from everyday constraints, and can indulge their natural instincts. The unsung heroes here are the pet parents, who, after ensuring that their beloved best friend would be safe, let them run free to interact with others for the photoshoot. The resultant images showcase pure doggie delight – as the expressions on the dogs’ faces demonstrate! Author Cheryl Murphy is a professional photographer based in Beverley, East Yorkshire and she explores photographing dogs in a natural environment, with no constraints on their behaviour.
A puppy called Wolfie – A passion for free will teaching
Author: Kathie Gregory
Publisher: Hubble & Hattie
ISBN: 9781787110700
Using established and cutting-edge psychotherapies, Free Will Teaching offers a perspective that will change your approach to teaching your dog. Understanding why your puppy does what he does, and what influences his behaviour, is key to a harmonious life together, and essential for avoiding the many problems and issues that crop up along the way. Charting the first 18 months of Wolfie’s life, from when he arrived with Kathie Gregory’s family at nine weeks of age, this book looks in detail at the mind and behaviour of a puppy, and how he develops as he becomes an adult dog. It also examines how dogs think, what they do, how they learn, form responses.