World’s First Dog Puller Championship Held in Prague


The First World Dog Puller Championship was recently held in Prague (Czech Republic). Sportsmen and referees from different parts of the world participated in this first-of-its-kind event.
Dog Puller is a new and unique sport for dogs which is based on exercises like running and jumping. The best thing about this sport is that any dog can succeed, be it a toy breed or a giant breed. All you need is of course an enthusiastic canine, two PULLER rings, and a great mood! 70 sportsmen from South Korea, Ukraine, Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Russia took part in the World Championship. Eight referees from Ukraine, Czech Republic, Portugal, and Japan participated in the event.
Any dog can take part in the championship, regardless of their age and breed. According to Dog Puller’s rules, dogs are divided into categories based on their age and height. All participants were divided into the following categories –

  •  Category Puppy – age up to 12 months
  •  Category Mini – up to 45cm shoulder height
  •  Category Maxi – from 45.1cm shoulder height

Two main disciplines
Participants competed in the two main disciplines — PULLER RUNNING and PULLER JUMPING.
Puller Running
Aim – the dog has to catch the moving PULLER ring a maximum number of times and return it to the pet parent.
Time – 90 seconds
Number of throws – Unlimited
The performance consists of successive throws of the PULLER rings in different directions, so that a dog catches the rolling ring in the catching zone and brings it to the start zone.
Puller Jumping
Aim – a dog has to jump and grab the PULLER ring a maximum number of times
Time – 90 seconds
Number of jumps – Unlimited
The performance consists of the successive grab of one of the PULLER rings by a dog lifting two or all four paws off the ground. During the grab, the ring has to be in a handler /pet parent’s hand. Depending on the technique of a handler/pet parent’s work, after a dog grabs a ring with the jaws, a handler or a dog may release the ring.
Sportsmen from Ukraine and Czech Republic got first places in PULLER RUNNING discipline. Sportsmen from Russia, South Korea and Czech Republic became winners in the PULLER JUMPING.
World records set
Two world records were set at the World Championship — in the PULLER RUNNING, the category HIGH DRIVE — Jan Straka (Czech Republic) and the Border Collie Axios and in the PULLER JUMPING, the category HIGH DRIVE — Margarita Herman (Russia) with Border Collie Ivy. According to the results in two disciplines, sportsmen from South Korea, Ukraine and Czech Republic got the title of Multi Champions. Ukrainian team became the World Champion of Dog Puller. The International Federation of Dog Puller, Rebel Dog and COLLAR Company are the organisers of this event; PURINA Pro Plan was the main sponsor of the First World Dog Puller Championship.