Sparkling 6 !


As we celebrate the sixth anniversary of Dogs & Pups, we just cannot thank all of you for your love and trust you have shown us all these years. The bonding has been strong and together we have cherished our four-legged companions.
Another reason to rejoice is that besides our love and care, we can look forward to better medical care. Ramba (a nine months old Boxer) in Chennai met with a road accident which broke his spinal cord but thanks to the Madras Veterinary College where he got a stem cell therapy which helped him walk again. Then,
Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University has recently started a blood bank–which is the country’s first. Precious K9 lives can thus be saved with timely help. Another welcome and much awaited move is a cardiac centre for pets in Parel (Mumbai) at a hospital run by Bombay Society for the Prevention of Crurelty to Animals (BSPCA). Kudos to the new developments and we hope in times to come there are many more–as the need of the moment is timely health care for our pooches.
There’s more– the Ministry of Environment is now set to regulate the pet shop owners and dog breeders through the Draft Pet Shop Rules and Draft Dog Breeder Rules 2001, proposed under Sub-section (1) of Section 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. With these draft rules in place, pet shops and breeders will need to obtain a license to keep, breed and sell pets and will have to adhere to certain guidelines with respect to the food, shelter and care to be given to the animals at their pet shops or breeding centres. Hope this helps to eradicate the puppy mills, which we all disapprove.
So, this anniversary is a big celebration for all of us. Sparkle is wagging his tail to all readers and giving a big woof to all his four-legged companions. Love shared–multiplies manifold–thank you for being with us for these 6 wonderful years and many, many more to come!