Varsha Verma
& Rocky
Your dog knows how to have fun throughout the year – whether it is hot, humid, rainy or cold weather – your dog is all charged up to sniff and explore. But, it is important to take care of them as per the weather and season. Here’s how to take care of your pooch.–by Varsha Verma
A happy, healthy and good looking pooch is a delight…here’s how to make our four-legged companions look great and feel good at all times.

Cool tips for cold winds in January
Embrace chilly winter day. We all love the winter days… we keep ourselves warm with smart winter clothes. If your dog is short-haired, old or has health problems, do buy a warm winter coat for them. Give them a warm space to lie down. Use a small blanket to give them the comfort they need. If your dog spends lots of time outdoors, give them extra food to cope with the cold. Since it is cold, your dog might not like to drink cold water. Give him warm water to drink.

Celebrate love in February
February is the Valentine month. Love your pooch and it is important to protect the dog’s paws during winter chill. Keep them dry and apply moisture if you find them dry. Dogs can suffer from frostbite in extremely cold weather. Always focus on giving them a healthy diet with water and love at all times.

Bring in the magic of March
Spring time is a refreshing time – new buds sprout in the trees while winters bid goodbye. Your dog also sheds his winter undercoat and gets his new healthy fur. Brush your dog regularly as your dog is shedding his undercoat. Select the right brush for your dog according to his coat. For feathery coats, use shedding blade while for short, dense coat, use a slicker brush. If your dog has long silky coat, use a steel pin brush.

Bask in the comfy April
April is the best time of the year as the weather is neither cold nor warm. You would like to have more fun outside the house. Take your dog for long walks, let them sniff around or run around in the park.
Hot summer days of May
Summers mean lots of fun, for both you and your dog. But, in soaring temperatures, it is advised to protect you and your dog from the summer heat. Keep your dogs indoors in a cool environment. Never leave them alone in the car as they may get a heat stroke. Heat stroke symptoms include panting, anxious expression, failure to respond to commands, warm, dry skin, extremely high temperature, dehydration, rapid heartbeat and collapse. In case you see any of these symptoms, consult your vet immediately.
Shed extra in sultry June
Take extra care of puppies and elderly dogs in summer. Dogs with thick, heavy coats or dogs with an existing cardiovascular or respiratory condition also need extra care and so do breeds with narrow airways, such as Bulldogs. Long-haired dogs need more care during this time as their coat gives them extra warmth. Get their hair trimmed by a professional groomer. If you are taking your dog out in the sun, remember to apply some pet sunscreen on their exposed areas like nose, ears and paws. White dogs are vulnerable to sunburn, so take extra care of them.
When it pours, it’s fun in July
With rainy season comes a lot of thrill. We all love the downpour after the summer heat. But, rainy season comes with lot of health issues. It is important to keep your dog well-maintained during this time.Dogs are prone to water borne diseases and ear infections. Your dog’s coat may be damp and might smell. Keep it dry at all time.
Don’t dampen your spirits in August
When dogs walk on wet ground their paws may pick moisture. So, make sure to dry your pet’s paws after walks. If you have a long-haired dog, trim the fur between the paws. Clip their nails as well. Take extra care of their ears as they can get ear infections. Clean their ears with ear buds every other day. Feed them light food like rice and curd or specially formulated food for them. Give them clean drinking water at all times.
Enjoy the harvest month September
With September comes ticks and fleas. Examine the crevices between skin folds, especially under the limbs of your pet as ticks love a warm, dark place to hide. Also, check the areas in and around their ears. If you find any ticks, consult your vet for the right tick and flea treatment.
Wellness plan in October
We all want our canine companions to live long, happy and healthy lives. Take your pooch for regular wellness check-ups and make healthy lifestyle choices for them. Give them healthy diet and groom them regularly. Spend time with your pet. Give them companionship and mental stimulation, to keep them happy and motivated.
Celebrate festivals in November
November is the time to celebrate festivals like Diwali. But, Diwali is one festival that our dogs dread. One thing that spoils the festival is noisy crackers. They become stressed on hearing loud noises. They tremble, drool, bark, howl and try to hide or get out of the house. They refuse to eat and may even lose bladder or bowel control. Sometimes, while trying to escape from home, they may accidentally get hurt as well. Desensitise your dog to loud noises. Keep him indoors and safe during this time.
Giving back unconditional love in December
Your pet is your precious family member. It’s time to give back what they give us – unconditional love. Talk to them, take them out for walks, play with them, pet and stroke them. Give them the affection and attention they deserve.