Forever in My Heart


Pooja Khanna with Jacky
What will you do when your beloved pet dies? And people around you say, “It’s just a dog, so chill!” As we all say, Those who have never been with a pet will never get it. My dog Jacky was not merely a dog; he was my love, my little child. -by Pooja Khanna

Why are you so depressed about your dog’s demise? People ask this because they won’t understand the pure love, the immense care, the precious time, the several years we had spent with each other and all the wonderful glorious moment we had shared, yet they will say “It’s just a dog , so be calm and move on with your life.”
Centre of attraction
I believe dogs are much more generous and better than humans. Jacky was the most lovable dog in our society. He was just a stray dog and had a unique athletic body; his golden brown texture skin, white paws, chest used to attract people and they could not resist themselves to show affection & love to him.
While walking with Jacky, everyone asked the same question “What kind of breed is he?” as he was distinctive from other dogs. The eye-catching part was his curled tail with a white tip at the end and it looked super cute when he wagged. His warm brown eyes were most attractive. Jacky always wanted us to take a walk with him, serve him his favorite food, give a cool place to lie down, and a chest’s rub. These are the things he could ask for.
His daily walk
My family had raised him and taken care of him as a child. He was close to my father because he is the one who took him for his precious ‘daily walk’. Lots of good memories are there with him which can’t be shared in words. He was loyal, intelligent, full of joy, sometimes angry but always a perfect friend. He will always be in my heart forever.
Forever in my heart
I never wanted to see his last stage on my birthday but destiny has its own plan. On his last day, my dad carried him to the burial ground. God bless his soul with his divine power and make him a superstar and a super dog in heaven. Jacky, I love you so much. You will be in my heart forever and I know you are there for us.
Khanna Family (Vijay, Shivani, Rajiv, Nitasha, Puja & Parankush).