A long legacy of service & complete pet care


Dr RK Anand
Dr Gautam Anand
Dr Anand’s Pet Clinics in New Delhi are a chain of well-equipped and forward-thinking pet care centres which boast of a deep-rooted tradition of serving pets for more than 34 years with utmost dedication and sincerity. Dr Gautam Anand narrates how the legacy of his father Dr RK Anand, who founded the clinics three decades back, has been maintaining its value till today by a team of committed veterinary professionals.

Ever since its inception in the year 1983, Dr Anand’s Pet Clinics have been practicing the philosophy of honesty, compassion and complete pet care. A team of highly committed veterinary professionals at the clinics, under the inspiring leadership of Dr RK Anand, keep striving to meet the need of veterinary emergencies and critical care of every four-legged furry patient in a timely manner.
The first step
Dr RK Anand became a veterinarian in the year 1967. After working for 16 years and becoming the regional head in a leading German veterinary pharmaceutical company, he eventually decided to start something of his own. He eventually decided to start something of his own. He shifted from Patna to New Delhi in 1983. The same year he opened his first clinic—Dr Anand’s Pet Clinic—at Janak Puri in West Delhi. “At that time, there was no veterinary clinic in this part of Delhi,” says Dr Gautam Anand, adding that it was quite challenging for his father as pet vaccines and medicines were not readily available then.
Gradual expansion
“Though my father started running a clinic, he never stopped studying advanced veterinary science on the sidelines of his practice. He got some books on advanced veterinary practice from the UK where one of my aunts used to stay. He studied them thoroughly at personal level, and then in 1994 he opened the second Dr Anand’s Pet Clinic, in a closer proximity of the first clinic,” tells Dr Gautam.
Dr RK Anand managed to be present in both clinics—one in the morning and another in the evening. There is an absolute reason why he shuttled between the two clinics. Most of the pet parents who came to any of the Dr Anand’s Pet Clinics demanded for direct consultation with Dr RK Anand and they wished their ailing pets being touched by him. “People respect father as a veteran veterinary consultant with 50 years of experience in the field of veterinary medicine. He is indeed a master in diagnosis of tick borne and skin diseases,” says Dr Gautam, adding that Dr RK Anand is 76 years old today, but he is still seeing almost 30 percent of patients and serious cases at the clinics.
Arrival of junior Anand
“In 1994, I went for my veterinary education to Government Veterinary College in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. Then, I studied PG in Surgery at College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry in Anand, Gujarat. After that, in 2001, I joined my father,” tells Dr Gautam. Over last 20 years, Dr Gautam Anand has attended several courses all over the world including Masters of Cardiology from ESAVS and was a guest faculty at Royal Veterinary College London in 2018. In fact, Dr Gautam brought new activities involving canine surgeries, reproduction and ultrasound consultation to the clinics.
Three clinics around
As on today, there are three well-equipped clinics of Dr Anand’s Pet Clinic in Delhi located at Janak Puri, Vikas Puri and Greater Kailash-I. “We consider the Janak Puri clinic as main branch. All the clinics are equipped with ultra modern equipments and technologies. But the Vikas Puri clinic has all facilities, such as ultrasound, x-ray, echocardiography, microspcopy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, endoscopy services and others under one roof. Second well-equipped clinic is the one at Greater Kailash-I which also has everything including in-house blood testing lab,” mentions Dr Gautam.
Coping with corona crisis
When the COVID-19 pandemic caused a pause to all businesses and day-to-day activities of common people in India and all over the world, Dr Anand’s Pet Clinics kept open its door for those pets who needed health care. “When the situation of the global pandemic was critical, we managed to open only our Vikas Puri clinic limiting the working hours from 10am–2pm and 6pm–8pm. For safety reason we called staff on rotation, so that everybody wouldn’t need to come every day,” says Dr Gautam. During the crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, every branch of Dr Anand’s Pet Clinics follows the strict protocols provided by the government for safety and security of every pet and pet parent who comes to the clinics. “We make sure everyone at our clinics is safe and protected. We have taken up all precautionary measures. To avoid crowds at the clinics we arrange every appointment restricted to one pet and one pet parent ratio,” he says.
A dynamic team
Dr Anand’s Pet Clinics have a robust team of seven experienced veterinarians, plus Dr RK Anand and Dr Gautam Anand. In the team is a group of 40 paraveterinary personnel. “Normally we treat approximately 125 pet patients daily. However, during the COVID-19 crisis, the number reduced to around 60 patients,” says Dr Gautam, adding that the clinics have separate special OPDs for dogs and cats, and they are equipped with hydrotherapy facilities for paralysed pets.
A future vision
When asked about the future plan, Dr Gautam says they are planning to open a centre where young vets can be trained. “They will be trained in a way that they eventually could open their own clinics. This will help them sustain their veterinary career and practice, because it’s quite challenging for young vets to get good jobs in India these days. Another plan is of opening pet boarding facilities, which we currently kept on hold due to the current corona condition. Once the normalcy resumes we will immediately open the facilities,” he informs. They believe in service and activities to provide complete care to every pet they treat.