Deciphering the language of love with a little help from Animal Communicator


Ashwiinii Salve
Remember that childhood wish a lot of us had – speaking to all the animals and understanding what they’re trying to say. Well in the 21st century and wishes do become reality. As an animal communicator I am trying to decipher what these lovely beings are trying to convey to us humans. –by Ashwiinii Salve

I have been an animal communicator/ animal whisperer for about 5 years. It was my passion and love for animals and nature that guided me towards this unusual career.
I got my first pet Simbo 12 years ago, and he made me realise that there’s so much about animals we don’t understand. I always liked animals, but after Simbo came into my life, my love for all animals grew more with each passing day. So, when I heard of telepathic animal communication, I was amazed. Being an animal lover, what’s better than being able to talk to birds and animals like we talk to fellow humans? Much like Dr. Dolittle? Well yes!
Telepathically bonding to gain new perspective
We all telepathically communicate with our pets all the time, but just don’t realise it. For example, we’re just sitting and get a thought in our mind ‘probably my pet needs water’. You bring him water and he gulps it, and you think that how well you understand your pet and his needs. Basically your pet has telepathically communicated to you that he wants water.

So, telepathic communication helps a lot of animals and their humans as they are able to understand their pets in a better way. Our pets always understand us, but at times we don’t understand them. So, when I communicate with pets, I only present their perspective to their humans.

Dr. Dolittle of India –  A rather new concept
It is still not a very well-known concept in India. Overseas it is a common practice to get in touch with an animal communicator to understand your pet’s behaviour. Now in India also slowly and steadily people are getting familiar with this idea. Pet parents have started contacting animal communicators for various issues regarding their pets, or sometimes just to know how their pet is doing. But it is still a long road ahead. A lot of people are still unaware of this practice and cannot believe that such a thing like talking to animals exists.

Helping you understand what your pet wants to convey
Pets communicate very well regarding the issues they face. They have communicated to me regarding indigestion, ear infections, dogs with hip dysplasia have communicated about the discomfort and various other problems.

Consultations also help in understanding behavioural issues (aggression/hyper-activity/shyness), developing a better bond with pets by understanding and conveying messages, discussing about big changes like adjusting with a new pet or family member, discussing animals’ opinion about euthanasia, choice of food, locating missing animals and much more is possible with a little help from animal communicators.

The art of telepathic communication beyond boundaries
Telepathic animal communication happens over space, time and distance. So, I have pet parents contacting me not just from different parts of India, but also all over the world. The best part about animal communication is that it’s done via telepathy and I don’t need to be present in front of the animal to speak to them or to connect with them.

Telepathic communication is even possible with your deceased pet, so even when people want to find out how their deceased dog/cat is doing, or if they have any message for the family, I can connect with their beloved pet.

I speak to almost 5-6 pets daily, which includes dogs, cats, turtles, parrots, rabbits and at times even lizards.

Tackling challenges one step at a time
Humans are the most challenging part of the procedure. People usually have this perception that human-thinking is superior to animals and birds, which is not true. Our pets have a higher sense of understanding and a lot of times our pets can bring to our notice various things that we might overlook or ignore. Some people are extroverts while others are introverts; it’s the same with birds and animals. Some of them are chatterboxes while some take time to open up and communicate lesser as compared to others. But with my experience I can say that most animals love to talk. They’re always trying to communicate with us and when they finally get to convey what’s in their mind, they are more than happy.

Pets – our best guides
The most important advice I give to all pet parents is to trust their pets and believe in their higher sense of understanding. Our pets are always our best guides, we only need to be aware of it and honour it. After a communication session, I get on a call with pet parents and help them understand how this works and how we’re all communicating telepathically on daily basis.

I also make them understand how they can send messages to their pets directly via intentions. My whole purpose of being a communicator is only to voice their opinion.