Furry Friendly Fervor of Festive Gifting


Kritika Manchanda
The holiday season is all about spreading love, cheer, and warmth. This festive season we urge you to be a tad bit more responsible and show love with these useful pet friendly gifting ideas. –by Kritika Manchanda
Gone are the days of boring gifts. In this age of choosing from a gift list or giving a simple gift card, we help you ‘be extra’ and how! If you are thinking of gifting something to your loved ones during this wedding or festive season, I have some amazing pet friendly ideas for you. A lot of your friends would be pet parents and wouldn’t it be amazing if you could give their pooch a little something! After all their furry friends are integral parts of the family.

Sponsor a vet visit
As a pet parent I know vet visits can be quite a bomb. If you cannot understand what to gift to your friends/colleagues, you can always ask them if you can sponsor one (or many) of the vet visits. I know some people would think – what kind of gift is this? I would say, a practical kind. Vet visits are an indispensible part of a pet household, so why not give a gift that can be a savior and help both your friend and their furry friend!

A goodie basket for the bundle of joy
You can ask your friends/relatives what do their pets need and make a beautiful customized goodie basket. The best part about this gift is that you can adjust it as per your budget. Just like you buy a gift hamper for your friends, this is just an extension to that. It is such a utilitarian gift that’ll be much appreciated by any pet parent. And when you choose the products with love and care, it’ll add a lot of value! You can make a wellness basket with grooming and wellness products like – shampoo, comb, massage oils, etc. or a foodie basket with delish treats.

Pet sitting with open arms and heart
Now that things are slowly back in action, a lot of people are planning to travel for weddings, work, or even vacations. A wonderful gift that you can give pet parents is being their pet sitter. You can foster their pets while they are away traveling. This way you get to spend time with a furry friend and your friends can be tension free and save some money from boarding facilities. Of course the added peace of mind of leaving a pet in a safe and loving home is unmatched! Try it and you never know you get inspired yourself to get home a pet!

Pause and pamper – with the pooch
You must have heard of spa vouchers as a gifting idea. Go a step further and make this idea ‘paw’some with spa sessions for both the pooch and the parent. You can take yourself and your pooch along and have a fun session. You could also take your friend/relative’s pet to a grooming session, and accompany your pet along for a fun time! And now if this hasn’t tempted you to a relaxing pamper session, I don’t know what will?

Homemade happiness
I remember this one time a friend was visiting me and she bought handmade muffins for Romeo (my pet) as gifts. Truly speaking we were more excited for Romeo’s gift more than ours. And that’s why I say – happiness is always homemade!

You can also bake cookies or make muffins and gift them to your pet parent friends, and trust me their heart would swell with gratitude. So this time for the upcoming festivities or even for a housewarming, the gift box will be incomplete without love, chocolates, and a little homemade something for the furry babies.

Hope these gifts bring a big smile and a bigger wag and make your festive season all the more joyous!