Let the sun shine on your little sunshine

The mercury is rising and we are ready to welcome summer. This means more care and love for your pooch!


Keep your pet well-groomed in all seasons. Grooming is not a vanity but an essential to keep them healthy and happy!
Many breeds shed their winter coat during these months. Everyday brushing helps in removing all the dead/old fur and thereby keeping your relatively cooler. It also keeps them clean and tidy! Regular brushing keeps them from developing mats/tangles too.
Double coated breeds – double the happiness, but double the responsibility

Priya Narasimhan

Some breeds like St Bernards, Siberian Huskies, Newfoundlands, etc. tend to have two layers of coat—top coat and soft undercoat. These breeds shed the most in summer as their coats adjust for the new weather.
No shaving please!
People often tend to completely shave off the coat of these breeds because of the excessive shedding and also believe that this would help in keeping them cooler. Shaving off your pet’s top coat exposes them to sunlight, hence causing heat damage.
While double coats help in keeping these breeds warm in winter, it also helps in protecting their skin from the harmful UV ray in summer. So say ‘no’ to shaving. Instead, get them a proper trim! For that you can go to a professional groomer.
Splash away those woes and worries!

If your pet enjoys a good swim during summer, be extra cautious about his ears. Clean his ears regularly, especially after swimming to make sure no water goes into the ear canal.
Summer brings back the terror of ticks

Watch out for ticks and fleas in this season, as ticks tend to survive and multiply really fast in the warm and moist climate. Regular grooming and combing helps a lot! Keep an eye on tick borne infections and diseases, especially in this season.
Small changes to beat the heat!

• Don’t forget to provide your pet access to clean water at all times.
• Keep their walk timings to early morning and late evenings in peak summers.
• Check their paws post every walk.
Have fun of the outdoors – picnics and car rides, but be careful that the rising temperature can cause rising problems for your pet! So, time to bring the pet parents shield up.
(Priya Narasimhan is a pet groomer, a stylist and founder of Wizard of Paws Pet Grooming Salon and Spa, HSR Layout, Bengaluru)