Bengaluru Bubble the dessert specialist!


Does your cat melt your heart for food…? Read about Bubble’s strategy.
There are various strategies that a smart pet who knows your weaknesses, would use to beg for table scrap. When it comes to my baby, Bubble, he is beyond well versed as far as this field goes and has acquired a forte in using a step by step approach for this! Firstly, he applies the persistent method of staring at you with a pitiful face and big button eyes most definite to melt your heart trying to say that he is so underfed that the last bit of your meal, the dessert, which is the only thing he is interested in, is something that you could obviously spare given his need.
When the first strategy fails, he moves on to the next strategy of making his presence felt by moving on to a slightly aggressive approach to achieve what he needs. This is when Bubble starts to move around close to the periphery of your vision and make disgruntled sounds to establish he isn’t too pleased. The intensity of this sound is carefully coordinated with his judgement of how much he thinks of the bowl of ice cream or the vanilla flavoured dessert of his liking you are polishing off!
At this stage, if the little one hasn’t got his share of dessert yet, that is clearly a sign of worry! This is when he uses his final bit of persuasion just to make sure he clearly cannot be ignored. He decides to sit right next to you and paw you until you actually give him his share of dessert. He closes his eyes and licks it all off the plate in mere satisfaction that you finally responded to this important call of action! Completely overjoyed with this response, my Bubble baby never fails to shower me with unconditional love which is sweeter than any dessert can be and an incomparable feeling altogether. Life is devoid of colour without Bubble’s little dramas and small quirks.
PS: Bubble is a four-year-old Turkish Angora cat who loves being loved and treated like a baby and kissed through the day. He dwells on the attention of guests who come intermittently and pamper him. He waits for his share of dessert after every meal. His favourite dessert and fruits include vanilla ice cream. But he gets a very tiny share of dessert once in a while since it isn’t too healthy for him.