Two always better than one!


If you think bringing home two kittens will be lot of work, think again! Here’s why it is advisable to bring home two kittens.
Some pet parents are apprehensive about adopting two kittens due to lack of space at home, fear of fights that may develop between the cats, destruction of furniture and a host of other reasons. Their fears are baseless as two kittens are easier to handle than a solitary kitten. Let’s see why.

  • Kittens love to play and need companionship of other kittens of same age or young cats.
  • Cats and kittens are social animals and love to curl up with other kittens when they sleep or rest.
  • Kittens have boundless energy which can only be expended when they fight, wrestle or play with other kittens.
  • Humans can provide companionship only to a limited extent and are no match when it comes to a rambunctious kitty.
  • Kittens can get bored easily and no amount of toys can keep them occupied.
  • When adopted in pairs, kittens also adjust effortlessly to the new environment.

In short, kittens having companions are happier, healthier and better socialised. So, go ahead, bring home another one, if you
already have one.
(Sudhersena is volunteer at the Blue Cross since 1998 and an avid animal lover, pet parent of nine cats and three dogs. She is associated with a number of animal welfare campaigns and programmes.)