Guidelines on proper nutrition


A well-balanced diet and proper nutrition is all it takes to make your pet happy and healthy. Here are a few tips which will be useful to work it out:

  • Say ‘No’ to table scraps: Don’t feed your dog ‘People food’, which is not formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the pet.
  • Limit the treats: Treats are often salty and fatty; it’s wise to avoid them to protect your pet from being obese.
  • Homemade diets not recommended: Unlike branded diets, homemade foods hardly provide all the nutrient requirements to your pet.
  • No catty foods: As cats and dogs have very different nutritional requirement, foods of these two pet animals should not be exchanged.
  • No bond with bones: Don’t offer bones to your furry friend because it may potentially result in intestinal puncture, chocking, intestinal blockage, etc.
  • Maintain feeding schedule: Though puppies should be fed several times a day, the number of meals should be decreased as they get older.
  • Right diets: There should be right diets for dogs at different life stages.
  • Resist free eating: Don’t leave foods available to your pets whenever they want to eat them as it may encourage overeating and obesity.
  • Always have fresh water: Leave fresh water out so that your doggy can drink it whenever he wants.
  • Vet (dietician) consultation: If your pet needs special dietary needs, consult your vet as some pets require senior’s foods and others a low calorie diet.