Top ten doggie flicks of all time


Spend the lazy summer afternoons, watching a doggie flick which both you and your pooch would like. Here’s a list of top 10 most admired doggie movies.
Summers have set in…the scorching heat deters you and your pooch to spend more time outdoors. But despair not for there would just be few things which could be more fun than curling up on the couch with your furred friend and bond over a movie. Choose from the Top Ten List of Pooch Flicks–all of which are sure to be loved by adults, kids and canines alike!
Lady and The Tramp
Love knows no boundaries
This Walt Disney classic is a delightful watch for the whole family. The story revolves around the unlikely romance between a pure bred and uppity female Cocker Spaniel (Lady) and a free-spirited, rebellious male mutt (Tramp). Lady feels hurt and neglected after her pet parents Jim Dear and Darling bring home a new baby. The movie is both touching and funny; and also has a strong message for pet parents who are expecting a new addition in the family. One gets to see things from a dog’s point of view and learns how a pet dog feels when the family equation is suddenly altered one day.
Lassie Come Home
Love you always
Touted as one of the all-time classic dog films, this is a heart rending story about a loyal Collie named Lassie. Her poverty-stricken family is compelled to sell her off to a wealthy duke. But Lassie would do anything to get back to her original pet parents. Lassie’s love and loyalty epitomizes what all dogs are about. This tear jerker is sure to melt your heart. The success of this movie inspired several sequels and even a television show.
Old Yeller
A moving story of love and loyalty
Old Yeller is the finest among early Disney dramas. This classic dog movie is a sensitive and evocative tale of a stray mutt called Old Yeller. Little Travis is hesitant to adopt Yeller so much so that he flings rocks at him. However, he undergoes a change of heart after Old Yeller proves his mettle as an ideal dog. The dog helps the boy get over the grief of losing his first dog Belle and the movie traces a journey of personal growth in both of them. The climax of the movie is sure to make even the toughest of men shed a tear. Watch this with a bundle of tissue papers and a bucket. Even after decades of its release, Old Yeller still remains in the heart of many a dog lover.
A hero
It’s difficult not to love that shaggy-haired mutt known as Benji. Benji is taken in by two kids – Cindy and Paul but their father is strictly against having a stray dog in the household. One day, Cindy and Paul are kidnapped and nowhere to be found. Already a favourite among the townsfolk, Benji transforms into a true canine hero after tracking down and rescuing the two children. Even today, many owners name their pooches after this intelligent mutt, Benji.
Eight Below
We are the brave hearts
Eight Below is an inspiring story about brave sled dogs. Jerry shares an intense bond with his set of six Huskies and a couple of Malamutes. He treats them like family members. However, during an expedition, foul weather demands that the loyal dogs be left behind. A long and tumultuous journey in the Antarctic snow begins and the courageous and adorable dogs battle against all odds to survive. In the meanwhile Jerry looks for funding and means to get back to Antarctica to save them. This touching story is inspired by a true incident that took place in 1958. The dogs really steal the show by displaying their unique personalities and facial expressions.
Love finds its way
This slopy but lovable pooch has inspired many kids to ask for a pet dog as their birthday present. Beethoven is a St. Bernard pup whose clumsiness often results in a comic mayhem. Beethoven escapes from the clutches of dog-nappers and lands up at a Newton family’s residence. The kids immediately fall in love with the adorable pup but their dad resists the idea of letting the dog stay. Since nobody comes to claim the pup, the father has no choice but to relent. Beethoven grows up into a lovable, slobbering and messy dog who helps the kids cope with the pains of growing up. Trouble crops up when a cruel doctor wants Beethoven for a dangerous experiment…see the movie to know the climax!
Homeward Bound
The action heroes spring up into action
Homeward Bound traces the adventurous journey of a Golden Retriever named Shadow, a Bulldog named Chance, and a Himalayan cat named Sassy. The trio is separated from their family following a course of events. It takes a lot of stunts and surprises before they can be reunited. The animals put up a commendable act throughout the movie and the action stunts are worth watching.
101 Dalmatians
Spotted beauties steal your heart
This Disney flick centers around a cuddly bunch of spotted puppies and their loving parents Pongo and Pedrita. The Dalmatian couple lives with caring owners and is enjoying their first brush with parenthood. Trouble brews when the quintessential vamp Cruella Devil naps the puppies to make expensive coats out of their fur. Pongo and Pedrita have faced with the challenge of rescuing their children but it turns out that there are 99 puppies in all waiting to be freed from Cruella’s cruel clutches!
Air Bud
Learning the pooches way
Air Bud is a high-flying entertainment extravaganza for kids. This dog tale is packed with silly antics, goofy baddies and loads of adventure. The movie centers on the relationship between a fatherless child Josh and a tortured, abandoned dog named Buddy. Josh soon finds out that Buddy is no ordinary dog- he can perform all sorts of acrobatic stunts and can slam dunk like a pro! Most importantly, Buddy helps his new master deal with the grief of losing his father and begin life afresh.
Watch this movie and enjoy the bond of love loyalty and friendship between human and canine.
Turner and Hooch
Friendship with a comedy twist
Touted as one of the most delightful ‘cop and dog’ movies, Turner and Hooch features Tom Hanks as detective Turner and a French mastiff named Hooch. The sleek sleuth ends up with a mischievous and incorrigible dog to jointly investigate a murder mystery. The awkward relationship between the detective and the dog makes for some good laughs and their progression to close bond of friendship is quite touching.