My World


A sneak-peek into my world what I love and what I don’t.
Long walks: I really love to go for my walks all day, everyday and any number of times. I make it a point to keep people around me busy and insist that all my needs are met— especially my walks. For me every moment is a walk moment, I enjoy the outdoors. If people around me are busy, I just don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I am very vocal about my needs. I go to my dad, throw a tantrum and ensure that he understands.
Lovely drives: Whenever we go for a car drive, I just love it. I love to stick my head out of the window, which is a strict ‘no-no’ by my mom. But just try putting your head out for sometime and you will love what you are missing in life!
Sinful food: I enjoy dog food, chicken, fish, mutton et al. But I really love the smell and taste of those lip-smacking momos and tandoori chicken too. How I wish I can dig my paws and teeth into them at least once a month!
Rocking parties: I am a pawfect party animal. And I definitely love people and parties as I can smuggle in a scrumptious snack or two. My mom keeps an eagle eye on me but to tell you the truth the soulful looks to guests always work…
Loving guests: I like only those people who love dogs, who love me and know my rules and if they can play ball or fetch with me, it’s simply awesome! Other people bore me and I simply prefer retiring on my bed when they come.
Smell like yummy food: Smells like chicken, mutton and fish feel like heaven. Keep the perfume bottle and the room freshener hidden, I simply hate them.
Well-mannered kids: I love to play with children only if they are nice to me and do not poke and pull. Thanks mommy dear for taking perfect care of that and ensuring that kids pet me gently or do not pet me at all.
Where’s the green grass? Have you ever smelled the grass, rolled and romped on it. If you haven’t, you are missing one of the biggest pleasures in life. I love to rub my back on the grass which is better than any massage in the world. I really miss it in the city life.
Vacations: I wish there are more dog friendly places. I have been to Naukuchiatal and Shimla and had a blast. Even vacation at Jim Corbett National Park was exciting but I was not allowed to go into the forest (naturally for my own safety).
Swimming delight: I love streams; you should see me dive and swim. I could beat Michael Phelps…at swimming. I am so natural…I can stay under water for long and my USP is in picking up pebbles from under water. We were playing a game of fetching pebbles when I discovered this inborn talent and boy I loved the experience. I would just dive in the water, swim, fetch the stone, enjoy myself and best part is everybody else loved watching me too. So I simply put my best paw forward and had a splash…
Mountain air: You will agree that mountain air is simply refreshing. Every breath you take is so delicious…let’s have more vacations at such places.
Chasing monkeys: I hate monkeys and try to drive them away by barking but my dad hangs on to me at that time. It is my basic instinct to chase them and I love doing that.
Sibling rivalry: My younger brother is two legged. I am getting used to him and occasionally when he displays good behaviour, I reward him with a wag and a kiss. He tries to take me for a walk but I simply don’t budge. He should be aware of my seniority…
Home alone: Even though my parents leave me with my grandparents when they are not at home, and my grandparents simply adore me and take full care of me, I sulk as I don’t like being left. Secretly, I love to be pampered in my parents’ absence.
Don’t be a chatterbox: Human love to talk but get angry when we bark, isn’t it unfair? I must say when we are out for a walk, I don’t like to stand and talk to a passerby who might be a friend.
Sleeping beauty: My bed with my spider man pillow is the best to cuddle in, especially in winters…
Music, nah! It’s noise: Please turn down that radio, television and music in the car, my ears cannot take loud music.
Office: I love to go to work. They say I’m an office going dog. I am the boss at work, I get my walks, pats and cuddles all by demand.
Visit to vet with family: My vet is a doll but still I am so scared of those medicines and equipments. So much so that as we reach his area, I refuse to get out of the car and have to be carried inside by my mom or dad. I also don’t like to see other four-legged patients who come to the clinic with domestic help. At such time, only your family should take care of you.
Stones: I also have a fetish for stones of all shapes and sizes. In spite of all my squeaky toys and fetching balls, I just love stones and every walk time makes it a point to pick a precious one and get it home.
Let’s go: I love the word ‘Let’s go’. I guess it gets out the gypsy spirit in me as I love to roam.
Last but not the least I love my mom & dad and must say I have trained them well. They certainly do dance to my tunes.