‘Faith’ the elixir of life


Canines are our best friends – they teach us love, companionship, loyalty, courage… the list continues. One such outstanding tale of hope, conviction, grit, liveliness…and FAITH is ‘Faith’ herself who walks upright with two legs…it’s not a trick, it is her destiny as Faith is handicapped but even this could not deter her passion to live life to the fullest.
Miracles happen where you have Faith
Teething in small dogs
If we believe in ourselves, we can easily overcome any hindrance and hardship in our lives, like Faith, who never let her physical handicap take a toll on her fun loving spirits and never-say-die attitude. She chases geese, moves around, rolls in the grass, and wags with elation…with just two legs…she is one sweet, loving and caring pooch.
Miracles happen
Faith entered our life on December 22, 2002. My son’s (Reuben) friend had a dog who gave birth to puppies. The mother dog was a guard dog and had several puppies who were unfortunately unhealthy.
Reuben was asked to help them bury the dead puppies, and put the healthy ones back with the mother. He found Faith and since she was alive, tried to put her back but the mother dog did not accept the puppy. Since Reuben wanted to help the poor little puppy, he brought her home. Since then, Faith has become part of our family.
Soon, we realized that Faith could not use her forelegs and she had to drag herself on her chest to move around. The doctors told me that she would rub a hole in her chest area if she continues to move like this.
We just couldn’t leave our child like this. So, we started training Faith to hop around on her two hind legs. We coaxed her to hop on two legs by using a spoonful of butter over her head. And the fi rst time Faith hopped, we treated her with peanut butter and lots of love and hugs. Call it a miracle or God’s wish, Faith slowly learnt to walk upright, just like humans. And today she is the ONLY dog in the world to do this full time!
In the name
We named her “Faith” because she started walking on her own. Before that, we called her “Yellow Dog” and “Mutt” – she still answers me when I call her Mutt – and she doesn’t mind it because she loves me and I love her. I also call her Faithy from time to time.
Her handicap was never a hindrance in her happy-golucky attitude. She was a cute ‘n’ cuddly pup, with a desire to live. She was very strong and energetic. She was always spoiled and we slept with her and trained her to be a normal dog in every way. And soon my tender kiddo grew up a a strong lassie, who stood the test of time and of course has emerged as a proud winner.
Faith is a complete member of our family. We love her dearly. I admire her determination to do whatever, which is quite is natural. She steals food off the table if we leave it unaware.
She hides all our dirty socks under the bed in a pile and sleeps on them. She plays and is just so natural. She loves to be petted and knows when we are going somewhere. She loves fl ying besides m e e t i n g people.
Courageous companion
When Faith is with other dogs she is just a real dog and a regular pet. But when she goes out to the public, she is a miracle worker. Faith has been a regular visitor to military bases and is an epitome of courage and faith for soldiers who have been injured in war.
She helps them come out of depression and dark feelings. She also goes to airports and sees the soldiers who are coming home and going out to war. She gives them confi dence and will power to live.
Guiding light
Even the word impossible says ‘I am possible’ and Faith is a living example to it. Her will power to live each moment of life and her determination to convert her shortcomings into her strength gives a lot of courage and confidence to people with a physical deformity.
Faith indeed is a true example of courage and empowerment. She struggled hard to achieve it and her courage has helped millions of people realise they are not alone. Kudos to our wonder woofkid!