Adieu Tina, my love!


For me, perfection is a mix of loyalty, courage and gentleness combined with majestic beauty and rare intelligence – all the qualities we find in the Great Dane. I can never bring myself to call a Great Dane a “pet.” They are loyal friends to whom you are always right. They are willing to endure hunger and discomfort if they can just stay with the ones they love. Fear and loneliness are unknown when you have a Great Dane. It is a great satisfaction to know that your dog is capable and willing to handle any situation and with Great Dane, this satisfaction is guaranteed.
I am lucky to have been blessed with Tina, a Great Dane. Alike all Great Danes, Tina was a family dog in a true sense. She was very close to me but was equally generous in her affection to the rest of the family. Her eyes lightened up when she heard my voice and she leaped with joy on seeing me. She was dignified and I loved the way she responded to a greeting. She used to put her head on my lap for petting and raised a paw to shake my hand, a dozen times each day.
I can never forget her statuesque beauty and the graceful movement of her powerful body, which was a joy to behold. She was intelligent and I admired her ability to learn quickly and her willingness to please. She responded to my mood and constantly tried to please me. We both shared the perfect understanding between us.
Today, Tina is no more with us. It is impossible to find words to express the joy and comfort derived from her companionship. Her eyes expressed the devotion of her love for me. With deep humility and thankfulness, I am happy that I have known the devotion of a Great Dane. May her soul rest in peace!