Look, who’s on the teacher’s podium!!


Pooches are our best pals. They are a solace in our sorrows and a song when we are weary. Their attitude has inspired many to make small but important changes in mind, body and spirit. They know and feel our emotions, sorrow and happiness. Your furry friend is not only a bundle of joy but a good teacher too!! A teacher who is assigned for teaching how to live this precious life in a healthy and happy way… Here are a few things we can learn from them.

  1. Exercise (Love it) – A walk on the lap of nature. For you it may be a chore but our canines consider it as a celebration of spirits. It sends them into a frenzy that may include running in enthusiastic circles and charging at us with their leash. Without exercise, both canine and human feel more tired and irritable. For a healthy mind and body, put your pet on leash and dart out for a refreshing walk.
  2. Food (Need it) – Mostly a healthy dog eats what he wants and leaves the rest. They don’t seem bothered by the lack of variety and never eats out of boredom, stress or emotion but for necessity. If more people regarded food as a necessity for their body rather than a replacement for love or excitement, pounds would drop like flies. A perfect way to attain that ideal weight and shape!
  3. Drugs (Don’t need them)– Snowy wakes up perky in the morning without a cup of coffee and can relax at night without a glass of wine or a cigarette. Take this as an inspiration and cut the caffeine, aspirin and nicotine out of your lives. And don’t be surprised when you feel much more energized without them. A healthy way to start and end a day!
  4. Love (Give it without reservation) – Physical affection is one of life’s great pleasures and at times says much more than words. If humans were even half as nice to each other as these furry angels are to us, the world would be a much better place. Anyone can be more generous with compliments and smiles, two forms of affection all of us enjoy. Start spreading love today, in fact now…give a compliment to the person next to you and see the smile spreading.
  5. Loyalty (Give it) – A dog’s most famous trait is loyalty. They growl and bark when strangers come to your house. This willingness to put others before themselves is perhaps the most admirable quality. This quality may not be in order for us humans, but stands up for those who need it. Be loyal to your loved ones!
  6. Fun (Have lots of it) – Rapture yourself fully in the moments of exciting sights, sound and smells… Shed off the mask of seriousness and sing songs to your dogs, dance with him, chase him around the garden and make faces at him. Take time from your busy schedule to do the things you love and you will thank your canine for it along with being a much happier person yourself. There is always time for fun, just live in the moment!
  7. Self-acceptance (Embrace it) – Our four legged furry friends don’t obsess over extra pounds or food between their teeth or what clothes to wear. They’ll roll around in dirt and raise an alarm at something that’s sniff strange. If someone doesn’t like them, they shrug it off and move on. They totally accept themselves and are happy. Take the hint, accept yourself for what you are and stop thinking of what you don’t have.
  8. TV (Get over it) – While you are watching TV, your furry friend watch you looking at the box in a manner that clearly indicates, “Whatever”. Does it ever occur to you, “What am I doing”? It is amazing at how much extra time appears to be in a day when you decrease the TV watching time. So, just switch off the TV, spend some quality time with your family and friends, do that pending task and see how happy you feel at the end of it!

And you thought, only we can teach our canines!