Tips for that perfect doggy bath


Bathing your dog is a challenge – both for you and your dog. But we all know how bathing improves their look and how important it is to maintain their health. Here are a few tips to make bathing a fun and bonding time with your bathing beauties:

  • Brush your pooch to make her coat tangle- and matt-free, especially if she is a longhaired pooch.
  • Put cotton balls in her ears to prevent water from getting inside her ears.
  • Place a rubber mat on which your dog can stand so that she does not slip while bathing.
  • Wet your pooch completely with warm water (never cold).
  • Use a pet shampoo specially formulated for the pH of your dog’s skin. Longhaired dog requires more shampoo than a short-haired one.
  • Start bathing from her head and work towards her tail.
  • Use shampoo on hard-to-reach places like belly, armpits and the rear end.
  • Use a conditioner to keep her coat tanglefree.
  • Rinse her thoroughly with warm water.
  • Dry her with a towel before taking her out.
  • You can even use a dryer to dry her coat, but fi rst ensure that she is not scared of the noise.
  • Keep her indoors until she is completely dry.