Tarot readings for you and your furry pals


Last two issues, we carried write-ups on ‘Dogoscope,’ which informed about the characteristics of your canine angel based on their star signs. As an addendum to it, here are the tarot readings for you and your sweet tail-wagger for the months of May and June 08. Aries
(March 21 to April 20)
Pet parents: The beginning of May indicates a good time for financial investments, expansion in business or thinking about a relationship. The females, especially those at work, will be focused on money or career, will be practical and head strong. It is a good time for buying property, shifting to a new house and settling down. There is an indication of receiving an inheritance for some of you as well. Those connected with spirituality will be inclined towards the same deeply; there is a probability of motherhood as well.
Our furry pals: The cards indicate focus on family duties and time to learn a few tricks. Canines involved in events will be successful and will enjoy themselves. Be careful about their health. Expecting mothers will be blessed with sweet little furry additions to the family.
(April 21 to May 20)
Pet parents: The beginning of the month indicates travel, overseas business connections, new assignments and career opportunities. The males can be emotional and at times have mood swings; but they will be very compassionate towards family. There is an indication for some to be disturbed regarding finances or personal issues which may lead to health problems. The elderly male can be slightly authoritative and will be in control of situations, whether personal or professional. However, the young will focus on career and it will be good to be practical, sometimes aggressive and less emotional.
Our furry pals: This is a time for celebration, be it a tour with the family or welcome into new homes. It’s time to master some tricks, receive goodies and bond with new people.
(May 21 to June 21)
Pet parents: The beginning indicates a slightly depressing and disturbed week. Take care of your health and please do not be stubborn, instead be less defensive in order to maintain harmony. However, the latter half of the month brings a good emotional beginning, love or a new relationship, a new project or job offer. For those planning a wedding or an engagement, it is a wonderful time to tie the knot. Please do not regret the past as this only brings unpleasantness, so try to be positive and make the most of life.
Our furry pals: It is a very good time for learning and picking up new traits. They will be blessed with emotional happiness, wish fulfi lment and fun. There are good chances for travel and to be surrounded with people in the mid of the month.
(June 22 to July 22)
Pet parents: For those who are planning to buy or move into a new house will be successful in doing so. It is also a good time to consider investments. Mid month could bring some criticism or heartbreak or a delay in job offers or starting a new venture. The elderly male or female will be authoritative and certainly have their say in personal or professional matters. People who hope for a new alliance, marriage or commitment, it is a favourable period from May onwards, so be positive and be happy.
Our furry pals: The beginning indicates a blessed time for commitment, which all furry pals are best at, being appreciated for their achievements. Cancerians are moody, and so, it is best suggested to please let them be, as we all need our space.
(July 23 to August 22)
Pet parents: It is a great time for those in love or planning a marriage or commitment as love is in the air, especially in June. Men who are generally in careers will do very well, especially doctors, lawyers etc.
Our furry pals: The beginning indicates making new friends; especially the females will be bold, courageous and enjoy a sense of importance from their dear ones. There is a good and positive indication or commitment; either planned mating by pet parents or even learning some new tricks.
(August 23 to September 22)
Pet parents: The beginning of May indicates a good time for mother-child bonding. The mid month certainly brings positive new beginnings with regards to career and monetary gains. Favourable months to achieve your goals as your stars are bright. Motherhood is on the charts for females while males will focus on career, fi nances, business and stocks.
Our furry pals: The month indicates expectations for new home adoptions. For those planning to enter a contest, victory is defi nitely on the cards.
(September 23 to October 22)
Pet parents: The beginning indicates criticism or lack of making the correct choices, competitions, quarrels, misunderstandings, and regrets. There will be delay in a travel plan or a project may be blocked and cause some delays in its progress. You all are advised to be cautious while signing any contracts or indulging in money transactions. Some may be inclined towards meditation or even follow a Guru who will be a source of solace. This is clearly a month of ups and downs. You are advised to try to be calm, wise and practical.
Our furry pals: Older furry pals will dominate and bully others in the neighbourhood or at home. Travel forecast for some but a delay around June with regards to being adopted and finding new homes.
(October 23 to November 22)
Pet parents: The beginning indicates for career women a good time, new business opportunity or job offers. It also offers spirituality and an amazing capacity to handle work or home perfectly. There is a wake up call for your consciousness and a blessed time to use your judgment accurately. The month of June is favourable for a celebration, party, rejoicing and making merry. This month also brings positive messages related to love, marriage, commitment and matters of the heart. Those who are in a litigation or matters with legal issues, there will be results.
Our furry pals: A good wish fulfilling beginning and a lot of goodies will be received. The mid month indicates an average time and some will have to be on guard as there may be a bully in the neighbourhood who will try to play Boss.
(November 23 to December 21)
Pet parents: The beginning is a favourable period for marriage, courtship, commitment and love, also for those who are planning the coming of a baby; this is a good and favourable time to prepare for the new arrival. The men, especially professionals like doctors and lawyers, will be very successful in their respective careers. Those expecting results regarding new ventures will see their wishes fulfi lled by month end. A very vibrant period for the younger generation, who will excel by focusing and being practical. The month of June also indicates some introspection for those who are inclined towards spirituality.
Our furry pals: The beginning indicates some regret and running away from a bully in the neighbourhood. There is a strong indication that appreciation and awards are on the cards.
(December 22 to January 20)
Pet parents: The beginning indicates good time for shopping, indulging in luxuries and motherhood. The month of May is also favourable for making purchases, investments, buying property and fi nancial gains. June is a good time for family togetherness. The time for making donations, helping people or indulging in social work is ideal around the month of June while the end of the month calls for some celebration and party.
Our furry pals: They will be confused, especially those adjusting in a new environment. They may feel depressed but will soon be the centre of attraction and will have loads of fun ‘n’ frolic.
(January 21 to February 19)
Pet parents: This month indicates new beginning of a job via email or an important phone call. It is also a good time for marriage or a commitment. You can be on a spiritual path or think deeply. The month of June indicates good results of your effort. Some of you may be juggling more than one thing at a time – job or relationship. June end is certainly a period of concern, health and work.
Our furry friends: This month calls for extra special care, with regards to health or any decisions pertaining to physical call. A lot of attention is needed for those who may show signs of ill health.
(February 20 to March 20)
Pet parents: The beginning of the month indicates confusion, anxiety, emotional regret, etc. There is a need for spiritual help, as you are likely to be over burdened on the home or work front. You may have to make sacrifi ces and probably let go of whatever you are holding on to. The month of June indicates disturbed and diffi cult period, so you are advised to be focused and assess your issues in order to find solutions.
Our furry pals: It is time to make your furry pal comfortable in a new surrounding. There is a possibility of them feeling depressed, confused and scared, but your love will make them feel safe and happy.