Apathy of pet parents


While pet ownership has given way to the concept of pet parenting, there are still a few people who have not imbibed this new concept and cases of neglect and abandonment of pets still exists. The recent example being that of a 6-year-old Rani, a Boxer in Mumbai, who died due to her parents’ negligence. Rani was rescued by In Defence of Animals (IDA) from her house. Her condition was pathetic – she was covered all over by maggots and totally dehydrated. She was a typical case of prolonged negligence and undernourishment. IDA tried its best to revive her and find a new home for her, but Rani left for her heavenly abode…leaving us wondering how cruel life can be to man’s best friend. And Rani suffered just because her parents had no time for her. Very sad indeed!

Time and again, we have been stressing in our magazine that one should adopt a pet only if one is ready for the care and commitment it requires to raise him. Pets are like our children and need continuous love and care. They depend on us for all their needs and we simply can’t shrug off the responsibility, once we bring a pet home.
Let us all pledge this Christmas that we will take good care of our pets and would not let any pet suffer due to parent’s passivity. In case you notice a neighbour ill-treating his pet, speak to him. If he does not relents, report to your nearest animal welfare organisation and help the pet end his miseries. Remember, a pet needs a loving and tender home, not just a shelter. Sparkle is giving a loud woof of approval and prays that people are more responsible in their commitment and care towards their furry angels.