Angels together…


Expression is the ‘key’ – we learn about this more everyday from our cool canines. Alsoby, Shweta Khurana they are always in the moment –not thinking about what’s happened or worried about the future. Many of life’s simple yet Valuable lessons can be learnt from our precious paws who are always giving.
Kids too enjoy each moment and when ‘two little feet & four paws’ get together – under supervision, love, care and nurture they create Magic Moments. Kids learn a lot from our Professor Paws – the most important being compassion for another living being.

An unfortunate incident happened the other day and Sparkle got hurt on his paw- while we were attending to Sparkle- Suhaan my four years old was full of care, concern and compassion for Sparkle, he wanted to take Sparkle to the Doctor and wanted Sparkle to be well soon.Not only that he sneaks Sparkle treats- when we are not looking, he loves to feed Sparkle his dog food and ensures his bowl is full of fresh water. Morning when he wakes up he wants to meet Sparkle and loves the black spots on Sparkle’s snout. Sparkle has also taught Suhaan to take care of our stray friends. Sparkle considers Suhaan a junior member of his pack- he takes care of him, adores him but when Suhaan gets naughty- he simply walks away and makes it clear that he needs his space. This bond has been nurtured very carefully over a period of time and when I see them together, I know life is bliss.
Very important for the parents to monitor and explain the kids how to touch, not to pull/ trouble the family PAWS.
This issue is dedicated in keeping both the Angels happy & together.
A pawsome message which I read recently on SMS going out for all our Furry Friends-

I asked god to keep my friend happy…God said ok – only FOUR days.
I said ok – summer, winter, rainy and spring days…
God said no – only THREE days, I said ok – yesterday, today and tomorrow
God said no – only for TWO, I said – day and night
God said no – only ONE day, I said ok – ‘everyday’
God laughed and said OK

Sparkle woofs to take care of the Shining Summer Sun and Happy Sniffing….